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Posted by beneva on October 12, 2020 Fall Flowers

🍂All About Fall Flowers & More

Fall is a wonderful season for many reasons – it is the beginning of sweater weather, the air is crisp and cool, pumpkins are everywhere, and the vibrant foliage is Mother Nature’s best show yet before the leaves disappear from the trees for a while. More than anything else, fall gives us a moment to breathe a sigh of relief because we survived the summer and made it through most of the year, for better or worse. Fall gives us a chance to regroup, restore, and revive ourselves before tackling winter. Here at Beneva Flowers, we love fall for these reasons and for the incredible florals fall produces, such as beautiful dahlias, colorful mums, pansies, goldenrod, celosia, and more. For all the other fall lovers out there, we have compiled our fall-related posts for you here to learn about fall flowers, fall design tips, fall crafting tips, and more. Enjoy!

Showcase Fall Beauty on Your Front Porch

Nothing announces the onset of fall like the beautiful, festive decor that adorns homes, yards, and front porches this time of year. From ghoulish Halloween decor to natural, rustic harvest scenes, there’s something in the air this time of year.

The Beauty of Fall

Fall is a season that brings the beauty of deep, bold colors and rich textures to life. Both with falling leaves from the trees and flowers that bloom during the season, the floral designers at Beneva Flowers want to help you surround yourself with the beauty of the fall season.

Your Table + A Fall Centerpiece = Win

A formal tablescape is a perfect addition to any fall home this season as we prepare to gather friends and family together all season long. Festive decor and a lovely table are easily created with the help of the design experts at Beneva Flowers.

Fall’s Naturally Beautiful Textures

Decorating your home for autumn has never been easier when you include gorgeous natural elements along with the rich colors of fall. Try these ideas for stunning fall displays this season.

The Bright Way to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Add a pop of color to your home by including fresh, jewel-toned flowers in your living room this autumn. The bold, bright colors in these fall hues will revive and invigorate everyone who sees them. Bright jewel-tones can set a mood like none other with their gorgeous strength and vitality.

Eat Your Flowers This Fall!

Elegant fall tables have never been more creative than with edible flowers included on the menu. Choose a recipe that goes well with your menu or add a touch of edible flowers to your drinks or desserts.

Mums, Fall’s Biggest Floral

Mum’s the word this Fall, as the season’s biggest floral makes its highly anticipated debut. Since 3,500 years ago in China, mums have been celebrated for their particular beauty (as well as their healing properties!) and lauded as the “golden flower.”

Floral Designs in Fall Colors

Let’s face it, in Sarasota, we don’t really experience fall the way the rest of the country may. Our change of colors is often from one shade of green to a different shade of green.

Discover the Exotic Beauty of the Protea

Seasonal fall flowers- especially tropical protea- add color and vivacity to any decor, landscape, or gift. This season, find ways to include protea all around you and discover the beauty of these fascinating blooms.