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Posted by beneva on October 21, 2018 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Information

Fall’s Naturally Beautiful Textures

Decorating your home for autumn has never been easier when you include gorgeous natural elements along with the rich colors of fall. Try these ideas for stunning fall displays this season:

  • Add texture to your decor using crisp fall leaves or woodsy pine cones, branches and acorns that evoke the freshness of an autumn forest.
  • Include rich harvest hues like deep purples and forest greens, bright yellows and reds and pops of creamy white to add depth to your decorating scheme.
  • Utilize any steps, shelves or mantles in your home to add height and play with space as you transform your space into a rustic fall retreat.

The floral artisans at Beneva are eager to share our many fall creations with you. Our seasonal floral arrangements include harvest textures and hues perfect for autumn decor.

Your harvest table has never looked richer or bolder than with our Abundant Sunflowers design. The bright colors of sunflowers and spray roses gathered in a stylish wooden box are accented by stalks of bamboo and fresh fall foliage that add dimension and texture.

Let fall’s fresh, rustic feel infuse your home with elegant, woodsy colors and textures. The professionals at Beneva are happy to share more tips and advice about fall decorating with you. Give us a call or stop by and visit today!