Express Your Creativity This Month

The Beneva Flowers family believes that there is no such thing as too much love. And any time we have an opportunity to pour it on with flowers, we rise to the occasion. February 14th is Valentine’s Day, and February is Creative Romance Month. We see it as a chance to celebrate your romantic relationship – whether you’ve been married for decades, are a newlywed, or are on the verge of getting married.

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Extra Special Designs For The Ones You Love

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Red roses are virtually synonymous with the day. They’re beautiful, but who wants to give their significant other the same thing year after year? If you’re looking for something that’s different than any Valentine’s Day arrangement you’ve seen, and that has the extra special something you long for in a gift, then Beneva Flowers is the answer to your dreams!

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Roses, Roses, Roses For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an exciting occasion for the Beneva Flowers team. We feel deeply honored to be able to help our customers send the loves of their lives, a floral gift that conveys their romantic sentiments. It seems like red roses have been the floral symbol of Valentine’s Day since time immemorial. Seriously, though, we can’t think of a better way to tell someone you love them or make a marriage proposal – since Valentine’s Day proposals are quite popular because of the symbolism associated with the day.

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Pantone’s Color Of The Year In Flowers

Every year, a group of color experts at Pantone® choose a color to designate as the color of that year. For 2018, they selected UltraViolet, a color that is a combination of red and blue. There are many shades of purple, but Ultra Violet is neither dark or light. It’s vibrant, bold, and above all, bright. We challenged the Beneva Flowers team of artisans and floral designers to come up with ideas that incorporate this dramatic color into an elegant and sophisticated arrangement.

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Give Your Girls Something Special For Galentine’s Day

You may not have heard of Galentine’s Day, but once you do, it’s likely to become your favorite holiday idea ever. Inspired by a 2010 episode of NBC’s comedy Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day, on February 13th. How do you celebrate it? With your gals, of course.

They say you can do a ladies lunch or make it a girl’s night out, but whatever you do, you’ll want to pick up something special and pretty to give to your favorite women. That’s where Beneva Flowers comes in.

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Beautiful Blooms For The Whole Year

Among the many resolutions you could make this year, here’s another: send more flowers.

Here at Beneva Flowers, you might expect we’d say that. But we’ve also put our money where our mouth is, offering six different ways to do that, whether you conclude that you’re the one who needs the flowers or that someone special does. Our main program, Flowers For A Year, guarantees that your recipient will receive a fresh batch of flowers every month, all year long.

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Give Them Flowers To Beat The Winter Blues

Let’s face it, we’re more likely to get sick in the winter. Even here in Florida, when the temperature dips and the heat goes on, we gather indoors and are more likely to share the colds that befall us. At Beneva Flowers, we have an entire section of get well flowers guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

Research shows that flowers do so much to lift our spirits and improve our outlook, and it goes on to show that fresh blooms have positive impacts on health, too. Patients who have flowers in their hospital room, for instance, have lower blood pressure and rely less on pain medication than their counterparts. Besides, they just look pretty.

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A Winter Centerpiece With Class

There’s no shortage of floral designs in winter. The holidays charge our decor with purpose, making use of all that the season has to offer, from blooms and greens to holly berry and pine cone. And while we here at Beneva Flowers have a lot of fun conjuring up holiday designs, we’ve got winter flower styles that speak to the whole season, too.

In Florida, we may not readily distinguish between winter bloomers and flowers that come to fruition during the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change up our flower game in December and January.

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2018’s Modern Nature

International Floral Distributors has identified four floral design trends for 2018, and though we here at Beneva Flowers are in love with them all, there’s one that really feels near and dear to our heart.

It’s a look we think we’ve perfected, and one that makes a big impact in the home. IFD calls it “Incarnation of Earths Element,” a definite mouthful, but an accurate one. This style embodies organic minimalism. It’s earthy and rustic, yet when paired with geometric shapes (or sculpted into them) becomes contemporary. We’re calling it modern nature.

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