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Housewarming Plants and Flowers to Create a Warm Welcome for New Neighbors

If you’ve noticed a new face around your neighborhood, or maybe you’ve spotted moving vans and trucks around, you may want to put your good foot forward and take the initiative by welcoming the newcomer to your community… Read More about Housewarming Plants and Flowers to Create a Warm Welcome for New Neighbors »
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It’s Time to Drop These Plant and Flower Care Myths

Having plants and flowers in our living space is a great way to refresh our homes every season, brighten the rooms throughout our house, and lift our spirits. The benefits of being surrounded by beautiful flowers and healthy green plants… Read More about It’s Time to Drop These Plant and Flower Care Myths »

Who We’re Loving This Valentine’s Day

The art of showing and receiving love can truly be an inspired act of artistic talent. Not everyone can achieve this level of artistic expression, so we value those who can and find ourselves inspired, in turn, to share their art with the world. This is just one of the many ways we at Beneva Flowers believe you can show and receive love.  Read More about Who We’re Loving This Valentine’s Day »
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Flower Care Tips From The Pros (Us)

At Beneva Flowers & Plantscapes, we're invested in helping you see your flowers last as long as possible once they leave our hands. To that end, we're more than happy to share our tips and tricks for keeping them fresh and long-lasting. With just a little effort, you can ensure that your design has a long life, whether it's a vase of roses, a mixed arrangement or a bunch of tulips. Read on to find four of our top tips for larger-than-life (and longer than) flowers. Read More about Flower Care Tips From The Pros (Us) »
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Give Them Flowers To Beat The Winter Blues

Let's face it, we're more likely to get sick in the winter. Even here in Florida, when the temperature dips and the heat goes on, we gather indoors and are more likely to share the colds that befall us. At Beneva Flowers, we have an entire section of get well flowers guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day. Research shows that flowers do so much to lift our spirits and improve our outlook, and it goes on to show that fresh blooms have positive impacts on health, too. Patients who have flowers in their hospital room, for instance, have lower blood pressure and rely less on pain medication than their counterparts. Besides, they just look pretty. Read More about Give Them Flowers To Beat The Winter Blues »
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A Winter Centerpiece With Class

There's no shortage of floral designs in winter. The holidays charge our decor with purpose, making use of all that the season has to offer, from blooms and greens to holly berry and pine cone. And while we here at Beneva Flowers have a lot of fun conjuring up holiday designs, we've got winter flower styles that speak to the whole season, too. In Florida, we may not readily distinguish between winter bloomers and flowers that come to fruition during the warmer months, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't change up our flower game in December and January. Read More about A Winter Centerpiece With Class »
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Anniversaries & Wedding Celebrations

Experts tell us that across the United States, the most popular month for weddings is June. Of course, here in South Florida, the weather is quite different than most of the country. So although June has been deemed National Wedding Month, in Sarasota it is far from the most popular month to tie the knot. Therefore, to commemorate this occasion, we thought we would share a bit about Sarasota weddings and traditional anniversary flowers that transcend any season.  Read More about Anniversaries & Wedding Celebrations »
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Beautiful Roses Showcased in June

We probably don't need any reason or excuse to celebrate beautiful roses, but this month gives us that opportunity. June is National Rose Month, and is your chance to send a gorgeous bouquet of these classic beauties to those you love. Although a go-to flower for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more, you can give roses any day of the year, all year long. At this time of year, we love the bright, vivid vibrancy of summer roses, and you can get them from Beneva Flowers. Did You Know? Roses grow in every color except true-blue and black. They actually lack a gene necessary to create that color in their petals. Roses billed as "black roses" are actually a deep, dark red color. Read More about Beautiful Roses Showcased in June »
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