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Posted by beneva on November 12, 2014 Information

Chrysanthemum: Symbolism

SONY DSCChrysanthemums are often thought of as the ultimate fall flower. With their brilliant colors and long lasting nature, they can brighten up any front porch or indoor space. Many however, do not realize the deep symbolism behind this favored floral. In Chinese culture, this flowering herb symbolizes a life of ease and longevity. Legend has it that the chrysanthemum originated as a wildflower by a stream in a small village where people lived to me more than 100 years old. Around the 8th century A.D., the chrysanthemum appeared in Japan and was so admired that it was adopted as the crest and official seal of the emperor. The western world was not introduced to the mum until the 17th century. The earliest illustrations of mums show them to be daisy-like flowers that are small and yellow in color. Today, chrysanthemums can be quite showy and would not be recognized by ancient growers.

5 Facts You Should Know About Chrysanthemums: mums

1. In the Victorian language of flowers, yellow chrysanthemums are a gentle way to decline amorous advances and white mums encourage the recipient to tell the truth or to be honest.

2. The chrysanthemum is November’s birth flower. If you are born in November, the mum is symbolic of your soul’s many layers.

3. In Eastern meditative traditions the chrysanthemum is used as a focus tool to activate the heart chakra.

4. Germans have white chrysanthemums in their homes on Christmas Eve as a symbol of Christ.

5. The name, chrysanthemum, is adapted from the Greek word, “chryos” which means gold (the original color) and “athos” meaning flower.