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Posted by beneva on October 21, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Information

Showcase Fall Beauty on your Front Porch

Nothing announces the onset of fall like the beautiful, festive decor that adorns homes, yards and front porches this time of year. From ghoulish Halloween decor to natural, rustic harvest scenes, there’s something in the air this time of year.

At Beneva, we want to help you make the most of this fall season with beautiful porch-scapes that reflect your own unique creativity as well as the beauty of the season. So, we’ve provided a few ideas to get you started as you think about how you’ll decorate your front porch and outdoor space for fall. We value the importance of decorating for each season, and we’re happy to provide you with plenty of ideas, options, and of course, beautiful fall flowers to adorn your home and send to loved ones to adorn theirs! Take a look at some of our great ideas for fall front porches in the Sarasota area.

A Few Reasons Your Porch Needs Decorating

We place a high value on the importance of aesthetic quality, and that includes your own home’s decor. A beautiful, spirited decor inside and out is a great way to increase positive vibes and create a sense of the coming season. Including flowers and fresh foliage in any decor is essential to bringing a natural beauty to your look. Here are a few reasons we’re backing your decorating plans 100% this fall season:

  • Spirit of the Season: Nothing helps you get into the spirit of the season like decorating. No matter which season we’re embarking on, the change of scene to your home and front porch will be a festive update that makes you ready for what’s to come.
  • Welcome the Holidays: When decorating for fall, “what’s to come” is the holiday season. So placing some lovely and colorful calandiva, for example, amidst pumpkins and corn husks not only announces the onset of fall, but reminds us that other holidays are right around the corner.
  • Get Inspired by Simple Changes: Sometimes a simple visual update is all it takes to feel inspired. Small changes like a plaid throw blanket on a porch rocking chair, a fresh fall wreath on the front door, or a gorgeously Festive Mum Plant atop a wooden barrel are all you need to feel fall all around you.
  • Inviting Look for Neighbors and Family: Not only will you begin to feel inspired, but your family and neighbors will notice the difference, too! You may start to see other front porches along your street transforming into a fall scene. The inviting look of a decorated porch will be a welcomed sight in any neighborhood.

Fall Spirit

A Few Containers To Display Your Porch Decor

Rustic Buckets

The accent pieces and containers you choose for your front porch’s fall plants and flowers can be the difference between a nice porch and a seasonally-decorated magazine-cover porch. Opt for items that bring the rustic look of the harvest season to life. Natural materials like wood, hay, and flannel pair well with pumpkins, flowers, and corn husks for a beautiful autumn vibe. Here are some fun options for fall containers that will pop on your front porch:

  • Over-sized copper planters: Natural metals like galvanized containers or copper planters make a statement along with the beautiful flowers you place inside them. Sunflowers and daisies are happy, bright fall blooms that love sunlight and look great in metallic containers or pots.
  • Rustic barrels: Whether you plant over-sized Russian sage inside a barrel or set a pot of it atop an overturned barrel, the rustic visual you create will lend the perfect accent to your fall front porch. Barrels also provide varying heights, creating an appealing look with interesting levels.
  • Little Red Wagon: Including a childhood favorite in your fall porch decor is a great way to bring the past into the present. Wagons are associated with outdoor fun, farm adventures and the harvest season. Place pumpkin of various sizes, shapes, and colors in the wagon for a fun, timeless display.
  • Interesting buckets: Tall sunflower stalks or cotton branches gathered in buckets look like they’ve just been brought in from the fields. Accent with faux fall leaves for a colorful addition to your porch groupings.

A Few Creative Ideas to Get You Started

Painted Pumpkins

There are so many great ways to display fall on your front porch. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your front porch’s fall look, or let them inspire you to create your own design scheme:

  • Chalkboard or painted wooden signs: Place a painted wooden sign or chalkboard on a rocking chair or window sill with a welcoming message for fall. Chalkboards are especially fun because they can be changed each season.
  • Corn stalks: Tie clusters of corn stalks together for a texturally delightful display. Arrange with groups of pumpkins or in lieu of a front door wreath for an autumn-ready design. Pair with burlap ribbon for an even more rustic appearance.
  • Stacked or painted pumpkins: Paint your family’s name on a group of pumpkins and line across your front porch, or group a stack of pumpkins with your house number prominently painted on a few. Wrap a few pumpkins in a plaid ribbon for a festive alternative to carving.
  • Mix of flowers and gourds: Have an empty tabletop on your porch? Arrange a mix of fresh petunias or marigolds with aesthetically-pleasing gourds in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes for an eye-catching touch of fall.

The possibilities and combinations for front porch decor are truly endless in the fall season. A little thought and planning go a long way to making your front porch and home look amazing each and every season.

Stop by Beneva now to pick up some of the season’s best plants and flowers. You can also choose to bring Autumn features into your home as well with great designs such as our Autumn Sunset, Sentimental Autumn, and Autumn Susara.

Autumn Sunset

Sentimental Autumn

Autumn Susara

For more great ideas or a little help planning your seasonal design, talk to the floral experts at Beneva. We’re happy to help you make the most of the fall season with the decor you choose for your front porch.