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Posted by beneva on October 28, 2018 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Information

Your Table + A Fall Centerpiece = Win

A formal tablescape is the perfect addition to any fall home this season as we prepare to gather friends and family together all season long. Festive decor and a lovely table are easily created with the help of the design experts at Beneva. Some tips we recommend:

  • Play with color. Use a monochromatic base for your dinnerware, tablecloth, floral designs and candlesticks. Allow a few choice accents to pop with a color contrast (think of an all-burgundy table with white mini-pumpkins scattered here and there).
  • Play with metals. In the right proportions, opposite metallics actually work nicely with one another. Choose one style for formal candlesticks and another for flatware or floral containers.
  • Play with texture. Add natural accents like pine cones, hypericum berries, or gourds to your tablescape to keep the entire look visually intriguing.

To have it all in one beautiful design, our award-winning Thanksgiving Tablescapes are guaranteed to be remembered for years to come. Filled with everything you need from candles and gourds to containers and accent pieces, display this piece for a stunning table all season long.

Give your fall table the time and attention it deserves and your seasonal entertaining will be a pleasant and joyful experience. For more tips and advice, talk to the professionals at Beneva.