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Annie Montgomery Pfisterer Lewis

Ask any bride about her vision for her wedding, and you're sure to get a specific, detailed answer. Annie Montgomery Pfisterer Lewis was no exception. She'd been planning this day for a long time, and she knew she needed vendor partners who would not only listen, but also be able to execute.

"I was a bride who had a strong vision and sense of direction," she said. "Very hands-on."

Annie knew just what she wanted in a florist: one with a track record of delivering stunning arrangements for celebrating life's big moments. So naturally, she chose Beneva.

"They really took the time to listen to our feedback and our direction each time," she said. "They did a wonderful job accommodating us."

But it wouldn't be a wedding without some unexpected setbacks, and this time, it was a big one. Annie's lead designer unexpectedly left the team midway through the planning process. And while other florists might struggle to maintain both forward progress and the continuity of vision, Annie says that Beneva came through with flying colors.

"They really took the time to listen to our feedback and our direction each time. They did a wonderful job accommodating us."

"Our new designer Corona had an almost impossible task of jumping in so late with us," Annie said. "But she knocked it out of the park!"

"Beneva was wonderful to work with," she continued. "Their arrangements went above and beyond our expectations, and it was so gratifying to see as they brought our vision to life.

"On the biggest day of my life, Beneva came through."

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Photos courtesy of Matlock and Kelly Photography