Customer Testimonials

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I just want to thank you , Mom’s flowers were perfect!! Terrell D
Just wanted to thank David Shuel and staff for the bouquet delivered to me congratulating me on my affiliation with Laura B. Kopple Realtors. Much appreciated! David M
I tried to do a review today but our computers blocked this website so please let this email serve as my review.  I am so pleased with the way you handled the error that occurred and the persistence of trying to reach the original florist in Huntsville and when that did not work, to take the initiative to contact another florist.   I would highly recommend your florist for both local and non-local floral deliveries.   Beneva Flowers is the best florist in town! Sharon F
I recently had some surgery and my wife and daughter are helping me to recuperate. I wanted to show my appreciation andon Saturday morning I ordered a dozen roses for wife from and requested a RUSH delivery. The fresh flowers were delivered in about 3 hours and my wife LOVED them. Feeling like a heel because I neglected my daughter I again went on their website and ordered a different arrangement for her and again purchased a RUSH delivery. That second delivery was made in what seemed like 2 hours, and my daughter was ecstatic. I have used Beneva Flowers many times and their flowers are always fresh and plentiful. They saved the day for me and I will use them whenever I can. Jim Sullivan Sarasota, Florida Jim S.
I received the most beautiful roses from my children. Red roses from my sons, Richard and Michael, and pink from Tracy and Alexis. They have opened up and are a sight to behold. I was given much comfort knowing that the flowers Tina help order for me to have put on my Mother's and Mother-in-laws grave site not only arrived, but according to my sister, were absolutly beautiful. Thanks to your business, you have not only made me very happy, but hundreds of other people as well. God bless you always. Chet S.
I wanted to take this time to thank you for the tickets. The seats were amazing and then to top it off the club had a dinner and drinks included. The show started with a funny comedian that lead into Celine. The concert was fantastic and I would not have gone if it were not for you. Linda M.
I just wanted to say congratulations on your recent honors at The Sarasota Economic Development Hall of Fame Awards. You have a great reputation in our community and we are glad to have you here. Thanks Shane W.
After realizing I was going to be stuck at work into the late evening and could possibly miss my grandmother's 97th birthday, I placed an order online and then realized that it wouldn't be delivered until the next day. So I called Beneva to ask if there was any way that they could squeeze in one more delivery. As usual, Beneva came through for me. Doris, I believe was her name, was so accommodating. I could tell that due to the late hour, there would have to be some scrambling to make it happen and I couldn't get exactly what I ordered online, but Doris promised to find something equally as nice. She, as well as the delivery driver, made that happen. I did make it to Grandma's later that night and saw the most beautiful flowers. Not just the ones Doris picked out for me last minute which were gorgeous, but the flowers all over Grandma's room. All the flowers came from Beneva. It was a beautiful sight. Thank you so much for helping me make Grandma's 97th birthday a success. Thank you, Doris. And thank you to the delivery driver, whose name I do not know. As the lovely lady on the commercial states, 'When you want to send the best, call Beneva Flowers and they'll do the rest.' That once again proves to be true. With sincerest thanks, Michael A. Scire
Thank you so much for being there to take my order! Another florist told me that no florists deliver on Sunday, but I found you and Your operator/ salesperson was so kind and professional. I so happy I found yur website~ hope I will have another occasion to use you as I live in Pa. Thanks again!!! Your in my favorites!! B. Jones
I just wanted to say thanks! I am currently deployed to Afghanistan so it is hard to buy anything worth buying and sending for my wife. My wife and I are both from Sarasota so we are very familiar with your store. She is there with her parents while I'm gone. Elvis and the flowers weren't just special for my wife; her parents loved the whole deal as well. Her mom cried because she thought it was so sweet. Thank you for making this occasion so easy for me over here and special for my wife over there. Sgt Wesley Rinehart 1/508 PIR 82nd Airborne
Hi Art, I wanted to compliment you and your staff for the wonderful job you have done in getting a delivery I had placed earlier today on such short notice. Normally, I plan in advance but b/c it was my boss's birthday and her schedule is so chaotic I never seem to know when she is in the office, and this morning when I found out she was going to be in until noon, I had placed an order with specific instructions in hope the flowers I had ordered for her birthday would get there in time before she left for the day. Sure enough, I received a call from my boss complimenting the gorgeous flowers. She stated that she has never seen a bouquet so beautiful. she was "stunned" that a bouquet with a variety of flowers could be so divine. Thank you so much to you and your staff for going beyond the call of duty to not only prepare a beautiful arrangement that took my boss's breath away but for deliverying them to her on such short notice. I always get compliments on your flowers and I always tell them if you want the BEST go to Beneva Flowers. Thank you again. God Bless YOU and YOUR STAFF!!!!!! Tracy Ann G. Tracy Ann G.
Please tell Mr. Conforti that I am pleased that $2.00 goes to a school or church. I did not know that. That is very nice. Hope Gulf Gate School gets some money. Regards Lois H. Lois H.
I am a very busy business woman, mom, and wife. During the day I have no time for things like ordering flowers and gifts for clients, friends and family. I love the internet because I can order at all times of the night. However, when I order things late at night, I don't want to be bogged down with "choices" from a wide array of products. What makes Beneva Flowers stand out among all other online vendors, is that I can simply tell you how much I want to spend and what the occasion is going to be. Beneva Florist and Art Conforti have NEVER let me down. The recipients of my gifts are always impressed with "Art's Choices". The delivery times and the quality of the products EXCEED my expectations every step of the way! Thanks Art for making my hectic life just a little bit easier! Robin F.
The most beautiful rose arrangement I've ever seen! It's been 3 days and still looks like new. Keep up the good work. Thanks. K. Howard
My parents moved to Sarasota 4 years ago, and everytime I have ordered flowers to be delivered, your company has never dissapointed me or my parents. Ordering is very easy either online or over the phone. I am told that the order is always delivered on time and the flowers are beautiful. So I just want to say thank you!!!!! Natalie Z.
Thank you again to Beneva for the beautiful job. The chocolates were wonderful. I have been so pleased that I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure doing business with Beneva Flowers Online! Gilda H.
I just wanted to say thank you! I have used BENEVAFLOWERS.COM for many occasions, and you have never let me down! I always have strict time limits in which you always meet! My girlfriend has always been overwhelmed with the quality of flowers, which in turn makes me look wonderful! Kevin B.
This evening I received a very touching phone call of appreciation from a dear friend for the flowers I ordered from your company last evening. Not only did she find the flowers to be very beautiful but they came from her favorite florist. This was the first time I placed an internet order from your company and judging from the results I intend on using your service again. Thank you for making an ill elderly lady feel better. Jacques V.
This was my first time sending flowers this way. It was PERFECT!!! Excellent service, delivered as promised. Very impressive. You and your network keep up the good work. Service is everything. Bill D.
I had left work early and was stopped by the girls at work because Suzi from Beneva Flowers was attempting to make a delivery to be for my birthday. They called Beneva and was asked where I lived. rather than have me take the flowers home myself, Suzi offered to meet me at home with my flowers. They were just beautiful and Suzi made my day! Becki C.
I recently ordered cheesecake instead of the excellent flowers my mom usually receives. The cake was there lickity-split, very cold, excellent condition and very delicious. I am very pleased with Beneva and will continue to order from you whenever I wish to send something nice to my folks. Thanks, Nancie L. Nancie L.
“Although we were not at home a phone message was received and a call back number given, not only for delivery verification, but to make sure the plant was acceptable to us. Service is rare today and quality service almost unheard of! Thank you…” Ruth F.
I use Beneva Flowers for several reasons: Arrangements are, typically, perfect. Staff (phone, delivery, etc.) members are courteous. Prices are competitive. QUALITY!…and you send me reminders! Phil B.
You delevered a dozen roses to Donna Lovins for me on Tuesday Aug.15th. I want you tell you Thank you very much! She said they are absolutely beautiful. I am so happy that she loves them. I definetley will order from you everytime now. I beleve that I ordered at least once before from you. But, It will be every time now! Thank you again! Bonnie Eggebraaten
Dear Beneva Flowers, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers and service you provided. You may not always realize the impact you make on others lives with the care and love that goes into the arrangements and other items you supply. So, just incase, I wanted to say “Thank you” and let you know that your flower shop delivered a balloon arrangement to Manor Care for my grandpa. I was delighted to find out how much those simple balloons meant to him. He passed away shortly after. Now your services are helping to brighten my grandma’s days some, as she is now alone (not an easy adjustment or something anyone ever wants to go through). So again, just so you all know, any and every extra little something you may do to aid in making someone feel cared about and appreciated means more than you may know or realize. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Wendy Wendy
Thank you..get flowers monthly for 'Sarasota's Favorite Mom'. Gordon always calls first & flowers are great. Have worn necklace that was awarded to many places from Sarasota-Naples-Tenn-NC & have had many comments. Always mention Beneva Flowers for you... Linda Dooley
A message from the winner of our bouquet of flowers at the Orioles game: 3/7/11 I want to thank you on behalf of the many ladies who received the Bird of Paradise greeting gift at opening day for the Orioles. How generous of you! When I heard the announcement the other day of the lucky winner of your bouquet, I knew you were continuing a tradition. Much more success for your business is wished by many of us. Sincerely, Carolyn M. Carolyn M.
Thank you once again for a lovely floral Christmas bouquet for my Mother, it again exceeded expectation with an assortment of the best beautiful flowers. I will be purchasing a seasonal floral arrangement from your shop now every Christmas.
The associate that assisted me this year was very nice and helpful with what I wanted.
I just wanted to mention, I contacted other florists in the area and I feel they don't compare to your shop, they would only deliver with a $50.00 minimum purchase. That is not what I wanted, I was looking for something smaller and more simple. Thank you once again and I will for sure be speaking to you again next Holiday season. Renee W
Thank you for the beautiful flowers and special detail...mission accomplished as usual Beneva Flowers! Happy Holidays to all! Kim R.