Our History

A Sarasota Institution

How do you become the kind of florist that gets voted #1 by the Herald-Tribune's Reader's Choice Awards for 23 years in a row and counting?

Open in April 1986 as a family-run business and establish your work ethic right away, staying open on Sundays when nobody else is doing it. Remain open every day of your existence thereafter. Pass through the same family hands, methodically building a reputation for exceptional customer service that delivers high-quality flowers at the best value. Commit to your community, not only providing them with the florals they need for literally every occasion but growing your footprint and products as demands - and tastes - change.

Come under the stewardship of another family, this time the Chicago-bred Shuels, who quickly devote themselves to the values you've spent decades enacting. Your reputation precedes you, and the Shuels preserve it. Expand, creating new divisions like Plantscapes and beefing up the company infrastructure, adding to an already substantial team of designers and retail professionals. Make it so you never have to say no to a customer. Diversify.

Eventually, you'll be thought of as the best florist in your community because everyone knows who you are, sees your work about town, and has read about you in Sarasota Magazine, SRQ, The Herald-Tribune and more. But your reputation is bigger than that even. You're recognized as one of the top florists in the country, the kind of florist that inspires the rest. Everyone has a Beneva Flowers & Gifts story. This is ours.