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Full Time Flower Processor

Full Time Openings Available.

· Organizing flower boxes on shelves accordingly

· Processing flowers properly in a timely manner (Goal: 10 boxes per hour)

· Breaking down all flower and supply boxes and placing them in the cardboard dumpster

· Processing wedding and event flowers, letting them develop, labeling properly and working with wedding team to ensure flowers are to their standards

· Sweeping design center floors and taking trash out

· Cleaning the design, wedding and will call coolers

- Consolidating and rotating flowers

- Keeping flowers organized for easy access

- Checking for spent flowers and placing them on the dump sheet and discarding them

- Emptying, stacking, and organizing buckets

- Sweeping and mopping cooler floors

· Keeping all supplies properly stocked and organized (vases, oasis, funeral supplies, Teleflora containers, etc…)

· Unloading all supply trucks

· Keeping glass shed organized and clean

· Keeping processing area clean and organized

· Washing and storing flower buckets

· Washing returned vases and placing them back in stock

· Working with designers to make sure they have everything needed to perform their job duties

· Working closely with the design room manager on quality control and with inventory of flowers and supplies


  • Working with a positive fun team and smelling beautiful flowers.

Job Requirements

  • Clean Record Loyalty Good work ethics