Anthurium plant in a charming container with black river rocks

Anthurium Plant

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Embrace the allure of the tropics and elevate your surroundings with this captivating and enduring tropical arrangement from Hawaii. Let the vibrant colors, exquisite design, and long-lasting beauty transport you to a world of sun-kissed shores and gentle ocean breezes.

Nestled gracefully within a sleek conical vase, adorned with black river rocks that lend a touch of natural elegance, this arrangement is an absolute visual delight. The meticulously selected heart-shaped flowers in a stunning shade of shiny and bright red instantly draw the eye, adding a pop of passionate color to any space. The contrasting dark green foliage provides the perfect backdrop, accentuating the beauty of the blooms and creating a visually captivating display that will mesmerize all who lay eyes upon it.

Not only is this arrangement a feast for the eyes, but it is also designed to thrive with ease in any environment. With minimal care requirements, you can enjoy its enchanting presence without the need for a green thumb. This long-lasting plant boasts the remarkable ability to bloom nearly year-round, allowing you to experience the exotic beauty of the tropics throughout the seasons.

Please note one plant is delivered. Container may vary.

DELIVERY: Due to the unique nature of every bloom, actual delivered product may vary. Every order is hand-delivered direct to the recipient by Beneva Flowers or a qualified local retail florist.

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