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Posted by beneva on January 16, 2012 | Last Updated: January 17, 2020 Arrangement

Valentine’s Day Roses, What’s the Hurry?

Valentine’s Day is a big opportunity for you to show your significant other how much you love them and appreciate having them in your life. The romantic holiday can also be rife with opportunities for plans to go awry. The best way to avoid any speed bumps during your holiday, we recommend arranging all the details of the day-long before February 14th arrives. This includes booking your dinner reservations, picking out gifts, and ordering a lovely bouquet from Beneva Flowers in Sarasota. 

Red roses and white hydrangea in a vase

Love in the Clouds

The Many Benefits of Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers Early


Reduce Stress

Valentine’s Day can sometimes put a lot of pressure on a couple trying to create a perfectly romantic evening. If you make preparations ahead of time, it will take the stress off of the day, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of your special someone.

Increase the Romance

When you order flowers early, your recipient will get to enjoy them for a longer time, while they anticipate the upcoming special day. Plus, most bouquets are arranged with flowers still in the budding stage. If you have flowers delivered about a week early, they should be in full bloom by the time Valentine’s Day arrives.

assorted pink white and blush roses in small round jar

Rose Sorbet

Save Money

Flowers are typically sold at a reduced price before Valentine’s Day arrives. Ordering early could save you some money. We realize that saving a buck doesn’t sound very romantic, but it can be if you put the extra money toward a fancy dinner or tickets to a special Valentine’s Day event.

Take Your Pick

Millions of flowers and bouquets are sold on Valentine’s Day, which means waiting until the last minute could mean sold out selections. If you order early, you’ll be able to choose the most beautiful flowers and bouquet for your significant other without having to compromise because the one you wanted was no longer available.

Asdorted pink and red roses with white hydrangas

Rose Indulgence

When Should You Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Our florists have Valentine’s designs and flowers in stock and ready to go, so you can order your Valentine’s Day flowers as soon as the thought crosses your mind. We typically begin receiving orders as early as the middle of January. To ensure everything goes smoothly with your floral gift, it’s best to have your order in preferably a week or more before Valentine’s Day.

Order Local for the Highest Quality

Unless you’re sending flowers to someone who lives out of state, it’s always best to use a local florist. With a local florist, you can have confidence in knowing you’ll receive only reliable and fresh products.

Impress that special someone in your life with this ultra-premium arrangement created by our Beneva designers. Features gorgeous and unique ranunculus flowers in white and hot pink, along with special garden roses in hot pink and light pink.

Lovely in Pink

More Tips for Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day and the week of the holiday are the busiest time of the year for florists. As a result, all florists, including all of us at Beneva Flowers, will be super busy during the week of Valentine’s Day. Whether you order online, over the phone, or in person, it’s best not to expect a specific delivery time during the day. To help avoid delivery hiccups, it’s good to include as much information with your order as possible. For example, if the flowers are going to be delivered to an office, be sure to include the floor and likely location of your recipient.