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Posted by beneva on August 5, 2020 | Last Updated: April 26, 2022 Information

These Are Some of the Best Smelling Flowers to Give

Flowers are known for their stunning visual beauty, but some flowers also have the added bonus of smelling amazing and filling a room with an intoxicating and sweet fragrance. Give the gift of nature’s finest scented beauties or revel in their delight yourself because you’re worth it!

Best-Smelling Flowers

Pink and Purple Hyacinth


Hyacinths are highly fragrant colorful flowers that bloom in dense clusters. Their sweet, strong scent is enough to deter animals and pests from coming near. For the person who loves sweet things, you can’t go wrong with a vase of Hyacinth flowers.

Freesia Flowers


A delicate, small flower that comes in a variety of vibrant colors, Freesias have an airy, fruity scent many people compare to the scent of strawberries. With a long vase life and tender appearance, Freesias are one of the world’s most popular cut flowers. Their loveliness and sweet aroma complements other flowers perfectly.

Colorful Roses


Known for their rich, luxurious scent, roses are enchanting to look at and enchanting to smell. Roses come in a variety of scents, though, based on their genetics, growing conditions, and even color. Light-colored roses can smell more fruity than the darker-colored roses. Stopping to smell the roses is considered to be relaxing and restorative because it causes us to breathe deeply and slowly.

Pale Pink Peonies


Peonies come in a variety of beautiful colors and give off a fresh, sweet fragrance. They are known to be one of the best-smelling flowers you can find. Their scent can vary from sweet to citrusy, and white and pink peonies are typically the most fragrant.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Carrying a light, sweet aroma, Sweet Pea flowers are a favorite among many. Their paper-thin petals and pleasing colors exude a graceful and elegant quality and their beautiful scent makes them the perfect gift.

Stargazer Lily


Lilies have a strong, heady aroma that can fill a room with their intoxicating scent. Starfighter Lilies have the strongest scent with perfectly accompanies their dark, magenta-colored petals. For something a little less strong, then Sonata lilies have a much more delicate aroma.

Lavender Flowers


Lovely to look at and soothing to smell, Lavender flowers are ideal for making gifts, putting in various bath products, making potpourri, and even cooking. The scent of lavender is calming, pleasing, and is known for its relaxing quality.

Having an arrangement of various flowers not only enchants the eyes with their beauty, but the nose as well as different-scented blooms work in harmony together to create a truly rich, unique, and enchanting aroma. There is no other gift quite like a bouquet of flowers – which is why they are so special.

At Beneva, we love providing our customers with the most striking floral arrangements and gifting options available for all flower lovers. If you’d like help in picking out a perfectly-scented floral bouquet for someone special, give us a call, we are happy to help.