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Posted by beneva on April 22, 2020 Information

The Many Ways Florsists Are Going Green

You’re probably used to thinking about the sustainability of your food and energy sources, but have you ever really considered how eco-friendly everything else is, like floral arrangements? Believe it or not, some flowers are actually more eco-friendly than others. At Beneva, our Sarasota florists are committed to providing high-quality floral deliveries while having a minimal impact on the environment.

What Makes a Flower Eco-Friendly?

Although it might seem like all flowers should be eco-friendly, they aren’t. Some flowers are grown quickly with high-powered grow lights, harmful fertilizers, and toxic pesticides. These flowers might then be packed in water containing harmful preservatives and distributed to florists all across the country, further increasing their environmental impact.

Small Purple Flowers Growing

Eco-friendly flowers, on the other hand, are grown with sustainable practices. Sustainable growers use natural fertilizers and pesticides that are safe for both people and the environment. They tend to be grown slowly when they’re in season, which means there’s no need for costly grow lights. These growers also maintain responsible distribution practices by selling flowers to nearby florists to minimize shipping impacts.

Way Florists Are Being Eco-Friendly

While not every florist advertises their sustainable floristry practices, there are some ways to spot a florist who is doing their part to protect the environment and operate responsibly.

Uses Recyclable Materials

Sustainable florists do their best to use recyclable materials whenever it’s possible. This means minimizing the use of florist’s foam and also wrapping bouquets in paper instead of plastic.

Offers to Reuse and Refill Vases

We’re always happy to refill a customer’s vase or container to reduce waste. We also encourage our larger commercial clients to have their vases refilled. In addition, we welcome customers who are decorating large events, like weddings, with flowers to return their multitude of vases once the flowers are spent.

Sources Flowers Locally

Locally sourced flowers significantly reduce the impact of shipping and distribution on the environment. Plus, by ordering our flowers from local growers, we can ensure we’re supporting growers who adhere to sustainable practices.

Doesn’t Let Flowers Go to Waste

Surplus flowers are donated to hospitals and nursing homes and are never thrown away.

Flower Farm

What You Can Do to Help the Environment

The sustainability of your flowers isn’t solely up to your florist; you can help, too! To get the most out of your flowers, you can preserve and continue to enjoy them by either pressing or hanging them. If you’re not interested in drying your bouquets, then we recommend composting. Use them to fertilize your garden or drop them off at a community garden’s compost bin.

Lotus Flowers Blooming

The most important thing you can do to ensure the sustainability of your floral gifts and accents is to always order from a local flower shop like Beneva. When you order local, you invigorate our economy and minimize the environmental impact of shipping flowers. Plus, you’ll receive a bouquet of the freshest blooms designed by a local florist you can trust.