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The Many Different Types of Lilies

Lilies come in an astounding number of varieties, which includes nearly all colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also known for their overwhelmingly sweet aroma, but not all varieties have a scent. To organize the more than 100 lily species, 9 categories of lilies have been created. Check out each of them below and prepare to be amazed at the different vibrant and amazing lilies.

Lily Symbolism

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess Hera created the Milky Way with drops of her breastmilk and a few droplets fell to Earth creating fields of lilies. Since Hera is the Goddess of Love and Marriage, the lily is commonly found in weddings and bridal bouquets. In Christianity, the lily is associated with the Virgin Mary and seen as a symbol of her purity and innocence, while the Easter lily a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

The lily has a variety of meanings in different cultures but overall is seen to represent royalty, grace, purity, and rebirth. For more color-specific symbolism, they typically follow the below color meaning:

  • White Lilies represent purity, innocence, and grace.
  • Yellow Lilies represent happiness, gratitude, and health.
  • Light Pink Lilies represent elegance, femininity, and generosity.
  • Dark Pink Lilies represent prosperity, bounty, and passion.
  • Red Lilies represent love, longing, and romance.
  • Orange Lilies represent courage, confidence, and prosperity.

Basic Lily Facts

Other flowers with a lily in their name, such as Calla lily, Daylily, or Water lily, are not “true lilies.” Only lilies which are a member of the genus Lilium are known as true lilies. A true lily is identifiable as they all have 2 characteristics in common: six petals and six anthers, which is the part that holds the pollen. The oil of lilies have been used for medical purposes in the past, and lilies are toxic to cats, so keep them away from your furry friends.

Lily Classifications & Examples

Pink Pixie Lilies

Division 1: Asiatic Hybrid

Most popular lilies in the world. Come in almost every color but have no scent. Attractive and long-lasting.  (Tango, Forever Susan, Orange Pixie Lily, Elodie Lily, Lollipop).

Turk's Cap Lily

Division 2: Martagon Hybrid

Dramatic, visually attractive, produces dainty downward-facing blossoms. Up to 50 flowers per stem and vibrantly colored. (Turk’s Cap).

Madonna Lily

Division 3: Candidum Hybrid

Known for the Madonna lily that has a lovely fragrance, white flowers, and a yellow base. Up to 20 blossoms per stem.

Tiger Lily

Division 4: American Hybrid

Includes hybrids of North America wild lilies. (Tiger Lily).

Easter Lilies

Division 5: Longiflorum Hybrid

Includes the Easter lily and hybrids that are pure white and trumpet-shaped. Very elegant and bloom during Easter.

African Queen Lily

Division 6: Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids

Tall, elegant, and fragrant. Blooms with striking trumpet-shaped flowers. Popular cut flowers. (African Queen).

Stargazer Lily

Division 7: Oriental Hybrid

Flowers in this class have large blooms, bright colors, and a strong, enchanting fragrance. (Stargazer, Acapulco Lily).

Orange LA Hybrid Lily

Division 8: Interdivisional Hybrids

Includes hybrids of any of the previous seven divisions.

Wild Yellow and Red Lily

Division 9: Species

“Parents” of the previous 8 hybrids. Pure, wild, and charming.

The Lovely Lily

With so many varieties, beautiful shapes, colors, patterns, and fragrance, what more could you ask for? Lilies make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Here at Beneva, we have a wonderful selection of lilies and other gorgeous blooms for you to choose so you can brighten anyone’s day!