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Posted by beneva on August 15, 2014 Weddings

Picking Vendors:Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series 2 of 8

ringNow that the glow of my little sister’s engagement ring has dimmed a tad, the reality of what needs to happen next has set in, and she is surprisingly calm. She has graciously given me the task of ensuring the BIG day runs smoothly. No pressure. Right?
Lately, I am sensing the age gap. Some of my suggestions she loves and others… well, let’s just say I have seen several bitter beer faces over FaceTime and text replies comparing my song suggestions to elevator music. The good thing is that these conversations always end with a lot of laughs.
Last week, Doris suggested a great checklist on Elegant Sarasota Weddings that has a six month timeline. The list features 50 steps to getting married. This makes the wedding planning feel doable, even if we are shortening the timeline down to two months.
This week, I am giving my sister the task of booking the vendors such as the florist, officiant and musicians.

How to Pick the Right Vendor:

Picking your vendors is like picking your starting players. Make sure to do your homework, ask friends and co-workers for suggestions. Once you have a few possibilities, check out their websites and social media to determine if their vibe and price point would be a good fit for your wedding style and budget.
Call each vendor you would like to potentially work with, and find out first and foremost if they are available for your wedding day. If they are, I suggest setting up a consultation as soon as possible. If they are not available ask them for a reference.

Make sure to review examples of the vendor’s work during your consultation. This will help you have an overall sense of what the vendor’s capabilities are. Be sure to ask, “What will you need from me prior, during and after my wedding?” Lastly, find out who will be the person providing the service on the day of your wedding.

If everything adds up go ahead and secure their service.

Reminder: The closer you get to your date the harder it will be to find available photographers, musicians, etc.


This week I also suggest:

• Ordering your invitations
• Notifying any out of town guests of the event
• Asking your fiancé to book the honeymoon

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