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Posted by beneva on April 23, 2018 Gifts Plants

Orchids Of Strength And Grace For Your Super Ladies

Teachers and Nurses Appreciation Weeks both run from May 6 to May 12 this year, and Beneva Flowers invites you to fete all of your super ladies with a flowering plant that reflects all of their strength and grace—namely, the orchid.

This is the time to embrace all the wonder women who empower, nurture, educate and inspire so many. They are mentors and mamas, sisters, cousins, aunts, friends and colleagues. Those ladies who do so much for so many deserve a gorgeous plant.

The orchid may seem intricate and delicate, but make no mistake, it is a strong, able-bodied plant. It will thrive if nourished well, and it will bend beautifully if its stem is supported. There is simply no other flowering plant with the character of an orchid, and shown here, in its arresting violet color, it’s the picture of quiet dignity. 

Offer the women who serve the needs of others so tirelessly the kind of gift that reflects their strengths and matches their beauty. An orchid is a keeper—it will grow right alongside you, flourishing as you do. What better message to send our super ladies during Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week than that?