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Hydrangea Floral Designs

hydrangea floral designs

Blooming from early spring through the fall, hydrangea are at their height during the summer months. These amazing and ethereal flowers are found literally around the world, growing everywhere from Asia to the Americas. The hydrangea plant has a delicate color palette and soft, fluffy petals that create a truly special aesthetic, which is most often utilized as a backdrop in mixed arrangements. This summer, Beneva, the best florist in Sarasota, would like to shine a spotlight on this special flower. We recommend that you stop in to get a vase overflowing with these true beauties before they sell out.

The History & Meaning of Hydrangeas

Originating in Japan, hydrangeas still hold significance in Japanese culture and have been associated with heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding, and apology, for centuries. According to legend, a Japanese Emperor, who had a habit of putting business ahead of the girl he loved and adored, gifted beautiful hydrangeas to her as an apology for this neglect and to show how much he cared. Today, hydrangeas remain a symbol of heartfelt emotion and gratitude, but are also connected to apology and boastfulness.

Hydrangeas in the Victorian Era were often a negative symbol that represented boastfulness, bragging, and vanity due to their production of brilliant blooms. However, hydrangeas seldom produce an abundance of seeds. While hydrangeas were once a flower given to those who were seen as cold or frigid after turning down a love interest, they are also a great gift for a 4th Wedding Anniversary as a sign of appreciation.

Hydrangea bush with pink, purple, and blue flowers

Did You Know?

Hydrangea floral designs may look good enough to eat, but they are mildly toxic. Keep these flowers up and away from pets who may be tempted by the delicious colors.

What Color Are Hydrangeas?

Blue hydrangea bush

Blue Hydrangeas

Most hydrangeas grow naturally in shades from very pale blue to purple and pink. But amazingly, the color of the flower has nothing to do with the species of the hydrangea bush, but rather the acidity of the soil it is growing in. If the soil is acidic or exhibiting a pH below 6, the hydrangea will produce blue flowers. However, the PH of soil doesn’t directly dictate the color of a flower, but it influences the amount of aluminum these plants will have access to. The lower the soil PH, the more aluminum is present for the flowers to absorb. The more aluminum available to the flowers, the more “blue” of a hue a hydrangea’s petals will be. To obtain this brilliant blue shade, adding aluminum sulfate or simply sulfur to the soil can do the trick. Blue hydrangeas also represent frigidity and apology.

Pink hydrangea bush

Pink Hydrangeas

If the PH of the soil is higher than 7 or categorized as alkaline soil, aluminum becomes scarce to the flower roots. Once a hydrangea bush has less access to aluminum, it produces blooms with charming pink hues. If you prefer your hydrangeas pink, you can increase your soil’s PH by using a fertilizer high in phosphorus or by adding lime pellets to the soil a few times throughout the year. Since they resemble a beating heart, pink hydrangeas are a symbol of heartfelt and genuine emotion.

Purple hydrangea bush

Purple Hydrangeas

In the center of the spectrum, or rather in neutral soil with a PH of exactly 7, hydrangeas can produce shades of purple, pink, blue, or all three colors at one time. Purple hydrangeas are very common to see in both gardens and in your favorite flower arrangements. A fun and regal-looking purple hydrangea is said to symbolize the desire to deeply understand another person.

White hydrangea bush

White Hydrangeas

White hydrangea, or the rebel hydrangea, encompass a few varieties that don’t play by the rules. This means that no matter what the acidity level of the soil is, or the amount of aluminum present, these blooms will always remain white. White hydrangeas are a popular choice when it comes to wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces, as their pure beauty and full-body blooms offer an elegant and classic allure. White hydrangeas are also a symbol of bragging and boasting.

This summer, try something different and order hydrangea floral designs from Beneva. We’ve been providing the most gorgeous flowers to the Sarasota area for nearly two decades – give us a call for summer hydrangea, tropical flowers, or July delphinium – you’ll love how flowers brighten your home.

hydrangea floral designs