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Posted by beneva on December 30, 2020 | Last Updated: January 13, 2021 Information

The Unusual Beauty of Rare Blue Flowers

Here at Sarasota’s number one florist, Beneva, we love working with blue flowers for they add a touch of sophistication, mystery, and elegance to floral arrangements. Blue flowers are pretty rares which makes them all the more special. They are perfect to use in an arrangement as an accent color or for creating a dazzling all-blue arrangement. Either way, blues blossoms are brilliant! Below you’ll find some of our favorites.

Fascinating Blue Flowers

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are fabulous, fluffy flowers that grow in different shades of blue such as light blue, medium blue, and dark blue. Representing deep understanding and strong feelings of love, blue hydrangeas are lovely when grouped together on their own.

Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

A stunning flower with a deep, true blue color, blue delphiniums grow vertically and blossom in clusters of charming flowers. A perfect accent for its color and for its vertical aspect, blue delphiniums are a favorite of gardeners and florists alike. These striking blooms symbolize new dignity, youth, and encouragement for chasing your dreams.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Blooming in clusters that look like bunches of grapes, grape hyacinths are unique bulb-shaped flowers that come in a range of beautiful blue hues, purple, yellow, and even white. The blue grape hyacinths are known for representing trust, sincerity, and loyalty in many cultures.

Blue Bellflower against a white background


With a flower shaped like a small bell, the lovely bellflower grows in a wonderful shade of sky blue. They also grow in other colors such as purple, pink, and white. With their delicate, long stems, these charming beauties make great cut flowers. Bellflowers symbolize humility, reverence, and everlasting love.

Blue and white iris growing on green stem


The regal iris comes in a range of colors which partly explains its name: in Greek, “iris” translates into the word “rainbow.” The blue iris is a striking flower with shades of blue ranging from light to dark. Blue irises symbolize faith, hope, and wisdom. Grouped together, they make a stunning statement piece.

Forget Me Not Flowers


The adorable and charming forget-me-not flower is small, but its vibrant blue color more than makes up for it. Its name comes from a 15th-century legend, where these blooms were worn by those who did not want to be forgotten by their loved ones. A symbol of faithful love and adoration, forget-me-nots are often used in romantic celebrations.

Blue cornflowers growing


The cornflower has a fabulous, vibrant blue color which makes it stand out amongst others. Also known as a “bachelor button,” this blossom would be worn by single men on their lapel while they were courting someone. The wonderful blue cornflower stands for hope in love, fidelity, and reliability.

Blue Orchid blooms up close

Blue Orchid

Orchids are popular exotic flowers that are cherished by many. Blue orchids, being very rare and striking, are highly coveted. The Aztecs and Greeks associated blue orchids with strength and virility. Today, they symbolize perfection, opulence, beauty, and luxury.

modern arrangement features light blue hydrangea and premium white calla lilies accented with sparkles, blue gems, silver leaves, and glistening curly willow.

New Year’s Bling

For something elegant and striking, choose an arrangement with blue accents such as our New Year’s Bling arrangement. The light blue hydrangea offers a soft yet elegant complement to the withe roses. Peruse our selection of flowers now to find a special gift for yourself or someone else.