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Posted by beneva on May 13, 2019 Information

Honor Sacrifice On Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches we are ready to celebrate and remember the lives given in service to our country with beautiful flowers that remind us of the patriotic spirit this country was founded upon. Those who have served, protected and died in the defense of our country and protection of our freedoms should be remembered. Honor them and show your gratitude for their sacrifice with a beautiful bouquet of patriotic floral designs that remind us all of their heroism. The floral experts at Beneva are happy to showcase some of our beautiful red, white and blue designs, specifically for patriotic occasions like Memorial Day.

A Patriotic Memorial bouquet is a wonderful way to remember those we have lost. Red, white and blue carnations are accented with an American flag and ribbon in an American flag motif. Created in a cemetery cone, this is the perfect display for a graveside memorial.

Send a gorgeous bouquet of reds, whites and blues to your loved ones who are remembering someone special on Memorial Day this month. Talk to the floral designers at Beneva about the best designs to show your American spirit and celebration of lives given to the service and protection of our country.