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Posted by beneva on June 26, 2013 Information

Give Flowers, Give Happiness


The doorbell rings, you answer and it is a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers.  You put them in a vase with water and you just can’t stop smiling.  Do you wonder why?

Researchers did some investigating into this very matter and found out that there are a few key elements in discovering happiness with flowers.


Chromotherapy, or “color therapy”, is the art of healing by exposing someone to specific colors in order to alter their mood.  Everyone responds differently to different colors.  Certain colors such as yellow often elicit a feeling of warmth or comfort due to its relation to the sun.

When you receive flowers, the colors are usually positive colors such as colors that you associate with beauty, love, or joy.  Your brain links the viewing of these colors to these positive emotions creating a sense of happiness.  Studies have shown that this happiness can last as long as the person sees the flowers or even thinks about the flowers.


Aromatherapy, or “smell therapy”, deals with healing by using smells to make someone feel a certain way.  Although everyone perceives smell in their own way, most people agree on if something is a “good” smell or a “bad” smell.

Flowers typically are a “good” smell.  Smells even can trigger memories.  Maybe as a child, you walked in a park where wildflowers grew.  Now, when you smell your fresh, new bouquet, it takes you back to when you were a child, which might give you feelings of being carefree and peaceful.

Overall Effects

Flowers are known to improve one’s overall mood.  In studies conducted, those who received flowers reported feeling less depressed and anxious.  They even felt more satisfied in their daily life. These effects happened across all age groups and regardless of gender.  People also reported feeling more connected with the sender and desired increased contact with friends and family members.

Send some happiness today!