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Fun Floral Facts: Sunflowers

Sunflower Facts:

Sunflowers2With bright yellow petals and vibrant energy, sunflowers are the happiest of flowers. Symbolizing longevity, loyalty, and adoration, no flower lifts the spirit quite like sunflowers. A simple bouquet adds indoor sunshine to a room, brightening the day and evoking feelings of warmth, cheerfulness, and happiness.

Sunflowers have an unmistakable resemblance to their namesake. But did you know that as sunflowers grow, they actually follow the sun each day? Their heads face the east in the morning as the sun rises, turn throughout the day to follow its track from east to west, finally facing back to the east at night to greet the next day.

Sunflowers are native to North America and have been cultivated for centuries as a food source that’s high in vitamin E and thought to lower cholesterol. Both the seeds and oil have an irresistible nutty flavor. Although cut sunflowers are harvested before seeds form, they can be a good reminder to stock up on this delicious snack!zoom_YouAreMySunshine10041055356

Sunflowers have also long been an inspiration to artists for their natural beauty. Impressionist art is famous for its fascination with the sunflower. They’re synonymous with Vincent Van Gogh, who painted two different series of sunflowers in shades of bright yellow, deep blue, and subtle browns to decorate his home in Arles.


Sunflowers come in wide variety of sizes and colors, ranging from small to large blooms in brilliant yellows, sunset reds, and every hue in between. With strong, towering stems and vibrant shades, sunflowers create a big impact even from a distance.

Great on their own, sunflowers also pair well with smaller flowers and foliage to be the ones turning heads! From simple arrangements and stylish silhouettes to opulent arrangements for special occasions, sunflowers are an inspiring choice:

essanceofspringClassic: Arrange yellow sunflowers in a glass vase lined with large leathery foliage to radiate pure sunshine. Their long, gracefully arched necks look best in a tall narrow vase that supports their height and display their large flowers a few inches above the rim.

Dramatic: For a tall striking centerpiece, balance sunflowers with sprays of slender dark blue delphiniums in colors that borrow from Van Gogh.

Exotic: Combine coral roses, purple orchids, and yellow sunflowers to create a lush centerpiece. Add purple dahlias to mix up the height and texture.

Get Well: Sunflowers are the ultimate feel good gift to brighten someone’s day. For a cheerful, optimistic bouquet, pair white roses, snap dragons, and chrysanthemums with sunflowers. Vary the heights and mix in greens for fullness and texture.

Wedding: Synonymous with adoration, available year-round, and affordable, sunflowers are the perfect wedding flower! They add a bright splash of color next to the bride’s white gown. Combine with mums and carnations in shades of orange, white, or purple for added color and contrast.

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