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Posted by beneva on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Information

Blooming Winter Plants to Enjoy

As the colder months settle in around us, it’s easy to miss our spring and summer gardens. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers, even during winter. There are plenty of varieties of blooming plants that continue to thrive during the winter. The floral designers at Beneva have chosen some of our favorites to highlight for you. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite this winter, too!

Anthurium Plant


Another great indoor winter plant, Anthurium plants thrive all year long, needing indirect sunlight and warm, humid conditions. So, using this colorful plant as bathroom decor is a great fit. Water only when soil begins to feel dry and enjoy the bright, tropical blooms all winter. Our Anthurium Plant arrives blooming and ready to thrive.

Blooming Poinsettia Plant


These holiday favorites are actually a tropical plant, so they do well indoors in the winter in moderate temperatures. They love sunlight and humidity, so display a poinsettia like our Blooming Poinsettia Basket near a bright window and mist regularly. Keep plant soil moist but not flooded and your poinsettia will thrive throughout the winter months.

Bromeliad Plant


These tropical flowers make great indoor plants in the wintertime. With bright blooms and thick leaves, they bring a warmth to any room. Plus, bromeliads tend to lie dormant in the winter months, which means they require very little water during this season. Our stunning Bromeliad Plant makes a great gift to send a friend or loved one during this season.

Christmas Cactus with Pink Flowers

Christmas Cactus

This indoor plant makes a great gift because it’s easy to care for and can thrive in moderate indoor conditions. Grow in loose soil that stays moist but not soggy and watch for colorful blooms to explode at the tips regularly when placed in a sunny spot.

Small Norfolk Pine in Pot


Evergreen plants bring a fresh, woodsy look to your home. Keep a potted cypress indoors to brighten your home, or plant a lush fir or pine tree outside to enjoy all year round. As they grow, they’ll provide shade and noise reduction, plus a bit of privacy as well.

Choose beautiful blooming plants for winter and enjoy natural beauty all year round. Send winter blooms to someone special to brighten their winter days, too! There are so many great choices during this time of year that you can have more than one favorite. To learn more about blooming winter plants, talk to the experts at Beneva. We’ll be happy to introduce you to your next winter blooms.