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Posted by beneva on September 19, 2014 Weddings

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide Series: 7 of 8 How to Create Your Wedding Day Itinerary

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One week before the wedding and my sister and I couldn’t be more excited! She’s got her dress and we found the cutest yellow bow-tie and suspenders for my son, the ring bearer. Now is the perfect time to double check the “to do” list. Are the vows done? Did the wedding toasts get written? Once those tasks are complete the next step is to sit down with the day of wedding coordinator. They can be a trusted friend/family member or a hired professional. My little sister asked me to be her day of coordinator.

Here’s how we chose to create the itinerary for the day:

Supplies: Paper, pencils, highlighter.
• On one piece of paper mark off the hours in the day.
• Write in the time of the ceremony and the time dinner will be served.
• On another piece of paper, write down all the possible tasks of the day.
• Go through and highlight the most important tasks, such as when the vendors are scheduled to arrive. Insert those into the master itinerary.
• Repeat the previous task by level of importance until every task is assigned a time.
• Then take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. What was missed?
• Ask another person to double check it.
• Lastly, type up the itinerary and print up a few copies. One for the bride just in case and two for the coordinator.

TIP: Let the coordinator choose a support person that you both trust. This will give them someone to lean on and allow you to enjoy your day even more.

Local Brides Consider These Vendors:

(If you don’t have a day of coordinator and think you want a pro don’t be afraid to reach out)


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