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Posted by beneva on September 12, 2014 Weddings

Beneva’s Big Sister Bridal Guide 6 of 8: Finalizing Your Seating Chart without Tears


Making everyone happy on your wedding day can often feel like an overwhelming task especially when it comes to creating the seating arrangements. With the countdown hitting almost single digits this project can feel like a sudden death round of Tetris when you add in the emotions. Questions start to arise like…do you put your overly organic college roommate next to your sweetheart’s perfectly proper Aunt Matilda? Or how about your super conservative boss, should he sit with your new brother-in- law and family? What do you do when you have multiple sets of parents, who don’t exactly play Bunco together? Consider this a rite of passage my dear bride, at least that is what I told my little sister when she called after a “tiff” with her fiancé about their seating arrangements.

“I am just going to let everyone sit wherever they want!” She huffed during one of our late night calls. I metaphorically nodded, as I tried to think back to what I did. “You could,” I answered, “but then the reception might feel a bit like the junior high lunch room with cliques.” After a long pause I realized that wasn’t the answer she wanted.

“What else am I supposed to do?” She retorted.

Steps for Taking the Tears and Headache Out of Your Seating Chart

1. Gather all your RSVPs. This should be done and finalized this week anyway, so you can get your final headcount to the caterer.
2. Note how many people can be seated at one table.
Standard Round Table 60”: seats 8 comfortably
Rectangle 6’ by 30”: seats 6-8 dependent on if you want someone on the ends
3. For those who prefer digital tools, we have heard good things about WeddingWire’s seating chart tool. However if you want to make it really simple, grab a pack of sticky notes and a few sheets of paper. Cut the sheets of paper in quarters until you have your total number of tables. Then take the sticky notes and write the names of all your guests.
4. Start sticking guests down in groups of two until you feel satisfied. Then take a picture and ask your closet friends and a parent from each side for their opinion. This will help you discover things like; your parents would prefer to sit with their neighbors not their cousins.
5. Once you feel satisfied, create your place cards or board displaying assigned seats for your reception.

Other Things to Consider

• Everyone should know at least one person at their table well.
• Allow those that won’t know anyone, but you or your fiancé, to bring a plus one even if you are discouraging plus ones for the rest of your guests.
• Seat yourself and your fiancé in the middle of the room that way no one feels like they got the cheap seats.

REMEMBER: Everyone is going to have a great time, relax.

Other Tasks To Accomplish This Week Are:
• Blood tests (if required by state)
• Get your marriage license
• Book house/pet sitter for honeymoon

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