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Posted by beneva on November 4, 2019 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Flowers Gifts Thanksgiving

Be a Thoughtful Thanksgiving Guest

Thanksgiving is one of our most beloved holidays, and when you’re the one invited as a guest for Thanksgiving dinner, you have plenty to be thankful for! Show your thankfulness in clear and unique ways when you arrive with a hostess gift in hand and make sure everyone, including your host, has a marvelous time.

While it’s good etiquette to arrive with a hostess gift at any formal gathering, including Thanksgiving, it’s also helpful to your host. Be mindful of the fact that they’ve worked hard to create this meal and bring everyone together. To thank them properly, the floral designers at Beneva Flowers in Sarasota have some great gift ideas, from traditional to unique. Take a look!

Bring Gifts to Show Gratitude

Scented Candle

First of all, it’s important to understand why you’re bringing a gift at all before you choose an item. Hostess gifts let the host know that you’re thankful for the invitation, but also that you realize they’ve put a lot of thought, time and money into making this feast happen. Bringing a gift that’s helpful will underscore that fact and lighten the load for your hostess a bit. Here are some examples:

  • Gifts that help serve: A beautiful set of stemless wine glasses, an engraved cutting board, or a set of trendy coasters are all extras that no one can have too many of, especially on Thanksgiving.
  • Gifts that help clean up: A set of disposable containers with lids can mean everything when your host is trying to store leftovers or send them home with guests. If you’re responsible to bring a dish, be sure to include the serving utensils that go with it as well as labels for everything.
  • Gifts that help the next day: A gift of homemade breakfast muffins and juice or a delicious breakfast casserole will be an unexpected surprise for your host. Who wants to spend more time in the kitchen the morning after so much cooking?
  • Gifts that help relax: A fall-scented candle or a set of bath bombs will be a great way for your host and hostess to relax and breathe easy once the festivities are over.

Bring Something Special to Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a new-ish concept that is taking off, and for good reason. For many, getting together with friends is as important as gathering with family. Often held the weekend before Thanksgiving, this tradition is still new enough that it can be what you choose to make it. If you’re invited to a Friendsgiving, count yourself blessed, then seek out something special to bring:

  • Something They’ll Love: Chances are, if you’re invited to a Friendsgiving, you’re friends with the host. Bring something that accents their personal tastes and hobbies. Gardeners will love a welcome sign for the flowerbed. Pet lovers will love that you brought puppy treats. A book by their favorite author will mean everything to your favorite reader.
  • Something They’ll Eat: Side dishes, dessert, a fresh salad- your hostess gift can be helpful as well as thoughtful, and they’ll definitely appreciate your effort to pitch in.
  • Something They’ll Keep: A holiday keepsake is a great token of appreciation. Choose something they’ll use again, like pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters or tea towels with turkeys on them.
  • Something They’ll Share: A bottle of wine or whiskey will be a hit with everyone, and your host will appreciate the contribution. Likewise, have a beautiful floral design like our Tropical Fall Centerpiece sent ahead in case they’d like to dress up their Friendsgiving table.

Bring Gifts that Win Them Over

Autumn Sunset Bouquet

If this year’s Thanksgiving includes introductions to your significant other’s family, bringing a hostess gift is a great way to make a strong, positive first impression. Likewise, if you’re spending the holiday with in-laws, start off on the right foot with some of these great gift ideas:

  • Give Them Beauty: A gorgeous bouquet of flowers is always a welcome sight. Bring flowers already designed in a vase, or send our Autumn Sunset bouquet the next day to thank them for having you.
  • Give Them Tastiness: A box of chocolates, a favorite wine, or a tin of homemade candies will go a long way in winning them over- especially if you did your research to learn their favorites ahead of time <wink>.
  • Give Them Luxury: Posh handsoap in fragrant fall scents or an impossibly soft throw blanket will be a beautiful gift to enjoy even after your successful Thanksgiving visit has come to an end.

Gifts for Traditional Thanksgiving

Specialized Wine Glasses

If you’ll be spending this Thanksgiving with the same cousins, in the same home, eating the same dishes that you have every year, think about spicing up the traditional with gifts that are unexpected. Something unique or interesting will be a delightful break from the routine, as comforting as that is during the holidays.

  • Bring the Fun: A fun group game that gets everyone talking will be a hit and transform the predictable Thanksgiving chatter into lasting memories.
  • Bring a Surprise: Choose a whimsical hostess gift, like a personalized wine glass for each guest, to add an element of surprise and delight to the day.
  • Bring Treats: A hostess gift that can be shared and enjoyed, like a fresh bag of coffee or some fancy teas to go with dessert, will be a lovely addition to the day.

Whatever you plan to bring your hostess for Thanksgiving, remember that it’s the thought that counts. So be thoughtful about how hard they’ve worked to create a beautiful day for all of their guests. They’ll be delighted that you honored their efforts and you’ll start the day off right. For more unique and thoughtful ideas about hostess gifts, talk to the design experts at Beneva Flowers. We’re here to help you be the best guest at Thanksgiving this year!