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Posted by beneva on February 1, 2020 | Last Updated: February 12, 2020 Information

A Quick Guide to Growing Succulents

Low maintenance, alluring beauty, seemingly endless varieties — what’s not to love about succulents? One of the most popular choices of houseplants, these whimsical plants are in-style and in-demand. Our florists at Beneva & Plantscapes love succulents because they thrive naturally in Sarasota’s warm, sunny weather. 

What’s So Special about Succulents?

Succulents can be found all around the world, and they grow most commonly in arid environments like the desert and also on the bark of trees in humid rainforests. Both of these locations require succulents to be able to take in water quickly and store it efficiently. This is what makes them so different from other plants. Instead of growing thin, papery leaves, succulents have thick, rubbery leaves that help them store water.

Various Succulent Plants

Various Succulent Plants

The Benefits of Growing Succulents Inside

The obvious benefit of keeping succulents in your home or office is for decoration. They’re in-style and have an alluring, other-worldly beauty that you’ll never grow tired of admiring. Like other living plants, succulents will create a calm, serene atmosphere with positive energy. They’re also healthy to keep around because they help filter toxins, like VOCs, from the air, while also replenishing oxygen.

Our Favorite Succulent Varieties

There are numerous succulent varieties growing around the world, making them fun to collect and display. They’re beautiful on their own or grouped in artfully planted succulent gardens. With so many lovely varieties available, it’s tough to choose favorites, but these are some of ours:


Orchids are one of the most commonly overlooked succulents because most people don’t realize that they are succulents. Orchids grow from the bark of trees in rainforests. They’re obviously beautiful when potted on their own, but they fare really well in potted arrangements with other succulents, as they require the same sort of care and environment.


The large aquarium is filled with live orchids and live succulents, complimented with Sarasota sand and shells from the shore.

Orchid & Succulent Single Garden


Echeveria succulents come in an array of colors and sizes, and they also have differently shaped leaves which can be tubular, stick-like, pointed, or round. They usually bloom in starburst-like shapes, which make them perfect for grouping together or potting in a row in a rectangular planter.

Succulents - Echeveria

Succulents – Echeveria


Crassula succulents are another favorite with great variety. They grow in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but most crassula succulents grow tall, which makes them a perfect choice for a succulent garden in need of some height and visual interest. One of the most popular types of crassula succulent is the crassula ovata, commonly called the money tree.

Succulent - Crassula


How to Care for Your Indoor Succulents

With the right care, succulents can last a long time — even without pruning. Plus, they require a lot less care and attention from their owners than other kinds of plants. Succulents like to have a sunny location and pot that drains easily. Giving them too much water is the worst thing you can do for succulents, so be sure to water them less, rather than more. Aim to give them a splash about every two weeks or whenever the soil dries completely.

Enjoy this trilogy of succulents in a beautiful wooden container.

Simply Succulent

If you notice the leaves of your succulent turning brown or yellow, this is a sign that your plant is in distress. The most common reason succulents die is over-watering, but they can also wilt due to extreme thirst. Check your soil’s moisture to be sure. If you have more questions about caring for your succulents, we welcome you to contact an expert at Beneva & Plantscapes