Hydrangea Floral Designs

hydrangea floral designs

Blooming from early spring through the fall, hydrangea are at their height during the summer months. These amazing and ethereal flowers are found literally around the world, growing everywhere from Asia to the Americas (they were originally discovered in Japan). The hydrangea plant has a delicate color palette and soft, fluffy petals that create a truly special aesthetic, which is most often utilized as a backdrop in mixed arrangements. This summer, however, Beneva Flowers would like to shine a spotlight on this special flower, and recommend that you stop in to get a vase overflowing with these true beauties.

Did You Know? Hydrangea floral designs may look good enough to eat, but they are mildly toxic. Keep up and away from pets who may be tempted by the delicious colors. 

hydrangea floral designs

Most hydrangea grow naturally in shades from very pale blue to purple and pink. But amazingly, the color of the flower has nothing to do with the species of the bush, rather the acidity of the soil it is growing in. Therefore, if the soil is acidic  – exhibiting a pH below 6 –  the flowers will be blue in color.  However, if the soil is more alkaline, with a pH above 7, flowers will be pink.  And most incredible of all, in neutral soil a hydrangea bush can produce purple, pink, or blue flowers all on the same plant.

Rebel Hydrangea: There are a few varieties of white hydrangea that don’t play by the rules. They remain white no matter the acidity of the soil.

This summer, try something different and order hydrangea floral designs from Beneva Flowers. We’ve been providing the most gorgeous flowers to the Sarasota area for nearly two decades – give us a call for summer hydrangea, tropical flowers, or July delphinium – you’ll love how flowers brighten your home.