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Posted by beneva on May 20, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Window Into Summer’s Flowers

While it may feel like summer here in Sarasota two thirds of the year, it technically isn’t, a fact which we here at Beneva Flowers are happy to make clear. Why? Because every season has its individual flowers (though spring and summer have a lot in common), and we don’t want to take away from the debut of each crop as it springs to life. There’s plenty of reasons to take a peek at what’s in store for us this summer, even if many of its floral beauties are available to us year-round, given our climate. Warm-weather flowers not only thrive in certain temps, they look better in them. So while we may be able to get sunflowers in late winter, it’s fun to wait.

Our stunning Succulent Orchids are a good example of what we mean. These are so artful and vibrant in their contemporary glass vase, posing alongside a succulent for an interesting textural contrast. Orchids grow (and do best in) warmer temps, which is why we always think of them as slightly exotic (that and their unusual beauty). This is just the sort of piece we welcome into our spaces when the hottest months hit. It just seems to pair best with our sultry summer.

Orchids always read as sculptural as well, so along with bringing in that sense of freshness and nature into our spaces, they are an enticing decorative element as well. Get one and welcome summer.