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Posted by beneva on June 19, 2013 Arrangement Horoscopes

What Flower Fits Your Personality Best?

Wondering which flower you connect with best?  This guide will allow you to match your personality with the ideal flower for you!


White water rafting, exploring the woods, and travelling around the world describe the activities of the adventurous soul.  Try the bold Stargazer Lily, which provides the daring look that a daredevil craves.



Do you see the glass half full? The Chrysanthemum is perfect for an optimist.  As a Japanese symbol of the sun, this confident flower inspires hope to the already hopeful.



If you read Aristotle, discuss current events, and write novels in your spare time, the intellectual personality trait would best describe you.  The Iris bestows the sophistication that will aid in your journey for knowledge.



Representative of poise and grace, you take great pride in your elegance and appeal.  The Orchid offers the unique, delicate allure that you portray when you are around others.



Is dependable your middle name?  So is the Sunflower’s! With its welcoming bright petals and cheery disposition, it promises comfort and dependability just as well as you would.


Do you know someone with a personality that would suit a specific flower?  Check out our shop to see the variety of flowers and arrangements we have to offer! Comment and let us know if you have a unique flower that matches your personality.