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Posted by beneva on February 12, 2014 | Last Updated: February 13, 2014 Holidays

How to Save Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

Tina-RoseBlogDid you know that 53% of women say they would END their relationship if they did not receive something for Valentine’s Day; while on average 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day?

Do you know anyone born in November?
So, just how important is that gift for this Friday? Think about it…. flowers just make sense. It’s fast, it’s easy and it brings a smile to everyone’s face when received. I wonder what effect the floral industry really has on those November birthdays after all.

Here at Beneva Flowers we sell approximately 1000-1500 roses a week, but during Valentine’s Week we will reach 24,000! To ensure delivery on Valentine’s Day our fleet goes from the 8 vans we have year round to 45 Beneva Flowers vans on the road. It is really a sight to behold!  Feel free to stop by and see all the activity, there will be tons of great photo and video opportunities with lines of customers placing orders for delivery around town or across the USA.

Many florists rely on receiving discounted orders from companies like 1800Flowers and FTD while Beneva Flowers is very much a standalone operation recognized as one of top 50 florists in the nation. We proudly support our industry by sending our fellow florists orders that mostly originate right here in Sarasota. So if you sweetheart is on assignment for work in Arizona, you can still come see us.


Beneva Flowers has also developed technology florists use nationwide.  Two ways we’ve accomplished this have been developing user friendly websites with Gravity Free and partnering with IUSA to develop the very first Floralapp for florists. We have found that most of the solutions we develop here are useful everywhere.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally one of the most challenging of all holidays for florists when you consider just the influx of product needed to accommodate the needs of today’s consumers. Our website and app give us the tools and the flexibility to create on the fly solutions. Scott the owner of Gravity Free hears from us at least once a day with new ideas that we need “NOW” as does Raj Dorosamy. One thing they both have in common is the high energy I am known to possess.

If we are going to exceed customer expectations and magically have all these roses appear where they belong on that one day, we need technology to help figure it all out.

To conclude, I have one quick tip for the guys out there:
Order your flowers early so your valentine can enjoy her roses all day long on Valentine’s Day. After all, I don’t know many valentine recipients who wouldn’t appreciate having their sweetheart plan ahead.
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