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Posted by beneva on June 25, 2014 Information

How to Use Tropical Flowers in Arrangements

BenFloExoticArtistryBetween the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn lie “the tropics”, a lush green ring encircling the earth where exotic flowers grow up to four feet tall with blooms in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Competing to attract the attention of hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators in dense sultry rainforests, these exquisite flowers have also succeeded in attracting our attention as a way to add beauty to a room and set the mood for an event.

We like to use tropical flowers as a captivating focal point because they add bold color, height, and drama. These large, exotic flowers need little else to effortlessly create a spectacular arrangement – but for those of us who think more is more, try adding banana leaves for fullness, vertical branches or bamboo to accentuate BenFloTahitianTwilightheight, or smaller flowers for balance and color.

Some of our favorite ways to use these indulgent blooms include:

Romantic: Pine cone ginger, white lilacs, calla lilies, and white peonies are a fragrant and graceful combination.

Vibrant: Red anthuriums, heliconias, and yellow tulips combine contrasting colors for a bright centerpiece.

Exotic: For an arrangement with Zen-like harmony, mix Asiatic lilies, alsotroemeria, bird-of-paradise, red hypericum, and bamboo.

Sumptuous: Burgundy pin cushion protea, magenta calla lilies and mauve roses are an opulent mix of textures and colors.

Bliss: Green anthuriums, magenta orchids, and bird-of-paradise are a combination that transports you to paradise.

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