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Posted by beneva on December 13, 2023 Information

The Top Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts for Men

Flowers on Valentine’s Day are not just for women; many people want to feel loved and appreciated on such a romantic occasion. Men, in particular, relish the gesture, as it makes them feel recognized and appreciated. Surprisingly, flowers have the power to make men better communicators, rendering this gift even more impactful, especially for the health of your relationship. Consult the friendly team at Beneva in Sarasota, Florida, for expert advice on selecting the botanical gift that will leave him smiling and feeling adored.

Green Houseplants

Having green plants in your home brings you numerous benefits, so surprising your partner with one on Valentine’s Day means you’re giving him these advantages — a bonus! It’s also a sincere way to show that you care for his well-being, as he can enjoy everything from better health and reduced stress to a happier mood. Plus, having a plant allows him to nurture it and watch it grow, providing him with a sense of responsibility and fulfillment. It’s a tangible symbol of his affection and care — for the plant, and for your relationship.


Succulents offer visual charm and hassle-free care, making them an excellent gift choice for a busy man. He can enjoy their presence without the worry of demanding maintenance routines. Placed on his desk, they’re eye-catching conversation starters in his workspace. Moreover, succulents symbolize resilience, having adapted to survive tough conditions by keeping water in their stems and leaves. As a gift, succulents represent enduring love and thriving amidst challenges — a meaningful reminder of your relationship’s strength and longevity.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants, particularly white orchids, can infuse tranquility into a space. Research indicates that being in the presence of these blooms can reduce stress and anxiety. So, gifting him a white orchid on Valentine’s Day is another meaningful way to show you care for his well-being. Orchids are also low-maintenance, allowing him to enjoy their benefits with minimal upkeep. With proper care, orchids can thrive for years and bloom repeatedly, symbolizing the enduring spirit of love.

Bright Blooms

Everyone welcomes a genuine expression of love, and fresh flowers are a classic symbol of affection. Research reveals that 60% of men would be delighted to receive a bouquet, making Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion for a floral surprise. With the wide selection of flowers and colors available, you can personalize the present to reflect his personality and preferences. You can also use the symbolism of blossoms and their shades to send a sweet message. By choosing flowers that vibe with him, you demonstrate your thoughtfulness and how well you know him.

Red Roses

Red roses aren’t exclusively for girlfriends and wives; husbands and boyfriends will appreciate receiving these enduring emblems of love and commitment equally on Valentine’s Day. They illustrate that romance knows no gender boundaries and is a universal sentiment for all of us to revel in. The visual beauty and fragrance of red roses can stir profound emotions, eliciting feelings of warmth, solace, and joy. Your gift will show the depth of your love and make for a lovely, unforgettable moment for your partner.

Choosing plants, flowers, or succulents as a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner is a thoughtful gesture that can brighten his space and his day. The benefits of being surrounded by nature are numerous, from improved mood to enhanced well-being. Reach out to the trusted team at Beneva for assistance in selecting the ideal botanical gift.

60% of men would love to receive blooms