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Posted by beneva on October 23, 2013 Arrangement

The Sweetest Smells

Nature provides us with so many lovely scents!  Here are a few flowers that are known for their sweet smells:


These beautiful flowers have a strong, sweet scent with a hint of vanilla.  Although purple lilacs are the most common, the white variety has the sweetest smell.  The lilac produces one of the most recognizable spring scents.

Sweet Peasweet pea

Known to be one of the most fragrant flower, this flower is a favorite for its intense scent.  This scent is used in candles, body sprays, lotions, and many other products!  If you are looking to plant these flowers, make sure to get a variety that is fragrant since some do not produce any scent at all.


This flower produces a very fruity, sweet smell similar to strawberries and other summer fruits.  Freesia has an ideal scent because it is mild enough to not overwhelm but still provides a fresh scent with notes of honey and mint.