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Posted by beneva on February 11, 2014 Holidays

How to Surprise Your Valentine This Year

Blond smelling rosesWith Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may be struggling to find a way to make this year better than the last. Here at Beneva Flowers and Gifts we have seen a wide array of ideas from our fabulous customers over the years. This year we polled the staff and here are our top five favorites.

  1. Send Flowers to Your Valentine and Their Mom: This one will win you big points! By sending flowers to your valentine’s mom as well as your valentine demonstrates how much you respect the past of your partner as well as the present.
  2. Send Your Flowers Early: This will make Valentine’s Day last longer if you send the flowers a day or two early with a note saying, “I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to say, I love you!” (Florist Insider Tip: By doing this your valentine gets to be the first in their office rather than the last at 4pm Friday).
  3. Buy a Dozen Roses and Give Them Out One by One: This idea reminds us of enjoying a box of chocolates because your sweetheart will get to really appreciate each flower. We suggest starting with one next to their side of the bed, then in the kitchen or bathroom and one on the windshield of their car. (Note: We have chocolates too if you want to sweeten up this idea).
  4. Have Champagne Delivered: Yes! Now this is a real showstopper! Sending a bottle of bubbly along with flowers says, “I love spending time with you!” Here at Beneva Flowers and Gifts we have some great choices just ask our staff about availability when you call.
  5. Hand-Deliver Flowers: For the last few years have you had Beneva deliver your roses? We are happy to do it again, but handing your valentine their flowers with a kiss and a hug is sure to make them feel adored.

No matter how you give your flowers this year, your valentine is sure to be thrilled. Here at Beneva Flowers and Gifts we pride ourselves in helping you exceed the expectations of your sweetheart and love being a part of your life.