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Posted by beneva on February 16, 2024 Information

Honoring Influential Women and Supporters with Flowers on International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 with a burst of floral appreciation! While mimosa flowers have a long tradition with this day that empowers us, there’s a whole garden of possibilities for you to explore. From peonies to tulips and gerbera daisies, these blooms are perfect for expressing gratitude to the incredible women and allies who inspire you. Do a little research on color meanings or simply choose the shades that speak to your heart. Or default to the occasion’s classic purple, green, and white hues. If you’re in a bind, our team at Beneva in Sarasota, Florida is here to help you make IWD extra special.

Female Family Members

When you stop and think about it, our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts are the unsung heroes of our lives. They’re the ones who’ve been there for us through thick and thin, balancing work, caregiving, and a thousand other things. So, brighten their International Women’s Day with some beautiful blooms. It’s a sweet way to recognize their strength and all the love they pour into their everyday actions. Plus, in today’s fast-paced world, sending a bouquet is a heartwarming message that shouts, “You’re amazing!” even from miles away.

Your Biggest Supporters

International Women’s Day isn’t only about honoring women; it’s when you give a high-five to your amazing squad – spouses, partners, relatives, and friends – who’ve been your biggest cheerleaders. Gender doesn’t matter here; these folks have had your back, encouraged your dreams, and helped you be your best self. Allies who actively support women’s rights are MVPs for gender equality. When you send flowers their way, it’s an inclusive gesture that shows them you appreciate their fantastic support — and says “Thanks for making a positive change!”

Mentors and Teachers

Everyone remembers that one teacher or professor who seriously shaped our journey, whether it was the ninth-grade English guru or the college chemistry genius. These folks brought the magic to our classrooms and workshops, and that magic sticks around and inspires us. Gifting flowers to your teachers and mentors on International Women’s Day is a sweet way to show love for all the empowerment they’ve dished out. It’s also a nod to how they’ve had your back, helping you crush goals and break those glass ceilings.

Inspiring Co-Workers

It’s time to give your work crew some serious kudos this International Women’s Day. Those office MVPs who hustle beside you every day deserve some major recognition. Our work friends are like our second family, thanks to those bonds we’ve built while collaborating on projects and getting it done. So spice up your office life by surprising your favorite colleagues with fresh blooms for their desks. It’s an instant mood lifter and brightener. Those bright colors and amazing scents will turn the whole place into a happier spot for everyone!


Here’s the real tea: You deserve flowers, and there are more reasons why than we can count. First off, it’s about your happiness. It also shows that you’re learning to put yourself first in a world that sometimes forgets to do that. And, the most important reason: Self-care is a must. Getting those blooms isn’t just a random act of kindness to yourself; it shows that you have that sense of independence and self-determination dialed in. Turn it into a tradition to establish your own self-love ritual. It’s an annual reminder to celebrate you and your awesomeness.

At Beneva, we know that when you send flowers on International Women’s Day, it’s not just a gesture; it’s a symbol of your gratitude and admiration for the incredible people in your life. It’s a way of saying, “Thanks for being real, and thanks for being you.”

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