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Posted by beneva on April 9, 2018 Administrative Professionals Week Holidays

Spread the Word: Desktop Awareness

Administrative Professionals Week or Day may only be known to the business world because it’s an observance that pertains to all industries in business. The day will be celebrated on April 25th this year, and in recognizing administrative personnel, Beneva Flowers is spreading the word about desktop awareness to encourage local businesses to decorate the desktops of the people who are the glue that holds their companies together.

For those times when people dream about bringing the outdoors inside, our Tropical Orchid Garden is the answer. We plant an orchid and a bromeliad together to create an exotic, colorful and elegant design. These two flowering plants are ideal for relieving stress and elevating your employees’ moods.

Our Desktop Garden is the perfect combination of green plants whose foliage color and textures are vastly different. The compact design is the ideal desktop accent. Green plants purify the air, but they are also helpful for improving productivity and focus.

Succulents are all the rage this year. And our Simply Succulent design in a shallow wooden container is an excellent self-contained desktop garden that thrives on neglect. Succulents give a workplace a more appealing look. They also reduce stress, reduce the absentee rate, and increase overall productivity and creativity.

Given the scientific proof about the benefits of plants and flowers in the workplace, the Beneva Flowers team encourages you to seize Administrative Professionals Day as an opportunity to recognize your support staff and give them a gift that ultimately benefits your business.