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Posted by dave on February 18, 2015 | Last Updated: February 20, 2015 Arrangement

The Siesta Collection from Beneva Flowers

SignatureOrchids-3-LargeThe beaches of Siesta Key, Florida, are famous for having some of the whitest and finest sand in the world. Our collection of exotic orchids are created in glass containers filled with sand and sea shells that reflect the beauty and tranquility that Siesta Key offers to those who live in, or visit, this miracle along the Gulf of Mexico near Sarasota.

The Siesta Collection of orchids are highly coveted for their delicate grace and exotic elegance. They are a living symbol of love, luxury, refinement and strength.  Like the picturesque beaches of Siesta Key, our orchids are prized for their unrivaled allure of perfection and beauty.

Just across the bay from Siesta Key lies the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, a world-class center for the study and conservation of plants, including orchids and bromeliads.

Founded in 1975, the 15-acre Selby Gardens delights more than 140,000 visitors a year with the most diverse collection of bromeliads in the world. It also features the Orchid Research Center, a world-renowned research institution dedicated to the study of epiphytic orchids. The Orchid Research Center boasts an incredible collection of over 4000 live orchid accessions along with more than 28,000 liquid-preserved specimens, and 30,000 pressed and dried orchid specimens.

Start your own collection today with one of the spectacular orchid selections from the exclusive Siesta Collection, found only at Beneva Flowers.

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