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Posted by beneva on February 25, 2015 Arrangement

Ranunculus and Anemones are brilliantly colored flowers that feature multiple layers of numerous paper-thin petals which appear to be delicately ruffled together. Despite their soft and gentle appearance, ranunculus are long-lasting flowers that look great in seasonal springtime arrangements.

Belonging to the buttercup family, Ranunculus symbolize a radiant charm and are sought after for their intricate beauty and wide spectrum of brilliant colors. Native to southwest Asia and southeastern Europe, these soft-scented flowers are an excellent alternative to peonies and roses and are a very popular choice for romantic bouquets and wedding flowers.

Anemones are commonly known as windflowers. These delightfully curious flowers form a delicate cup shape that opens up to a subtle star. The most common colors of anemones are red, blue, white, purple, and less frequently, yellow.AMS1518

The anemone flower is well steeped in mythology and folklore. Anemones symbolize anticipation, but are also thought to bring luck and protect against evil. According to legend, when the anemones close at night, rain is on the way. The anemone is also known for its medicinal purposes and is thought to treat inflammation as well as skin ailments and respiratory problems.

Give the gift of the wonderful ranunculus and anemones to someone you love this spring with one of our exclusive designs featuring these special flowers.

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