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Posted by beneva on October 16, 2012 Arrangement

Men and Flowers [part 4]: Be Unpredictable

Being unpredictable begins with knowing exactly what she likes. The next step is remembering which arrangements you’ve surprised her with in the past, and which occasion it was for. Any good start to a great surprise beings with doing something a little different. Now, there are some exceptions to that rule, especially if you’ve developed a strong tradition for any particular occasion or she specifically requests a certain flower or plant. In that case, do what the boss says.

When exploring other arrangement or gift options don’t forget the two go together very well!

Anniversary this weekend? Why not downsize, pick a different arrangement, and add a bottle of wine or champaign to the order. If those aren’t very appealing, how about adding on some rose pedals leading her to arrangement or even adding her favorite gourmet dessert to the order? 

Birthday coming up? A dozen roses should do, right?  Yah, but what about doing something different?

Maybe a plant or an Orchid, I’m sure she will love how long it lasts and the beauty it adds to the room week after week. Be Unpredictable! If your price range is $100 consider sending 2 $50 arrangements with cute card messages. Want to spread it out more? Why not pick up a couple single flowers and wrap a hand written note around them. Maybe even surprise her with  a flower a day for a week and attach a different reason why you love/appreciate her?

These are just some of the many ways YOU can be unpredictable. Remember, don’t always follow the norm or do the same thing as the previous year. Being unpredictable just takes a little bit of foresight and planning. The warm and genuine smile you get will far outweigh any trouble it may have been. If being unpredictable doesn’t come easy to you, we have a well trained and educated staff that can provide suggestions sure to please.

-YOUR team at Beneva

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