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Posted by beneva on October 9, 2012 Arrangement

Men and Flowers [part 3]: Go Above and Beyond

Going above and beyond usually requires doing something out of the norm. For most men out there the norm is probably flowers for her  birthday, anniversary or Valentines Day, maybe even the occasional “just because” bouquet. Do something different! With the holiday season right around the corner, doing something different will only take a little foresight and planning.

When the family gets together next month for Thanksgiving, and everyone from aunt Edna to great-grandpa Huey crowds around the table, why not have a beautiful, fresh autumn arrangement as the centerpiece? You won’t regret your decision when no one forgets the thoughtful deed.

It will be easy to one-up yourself shortly down the road during Christmas time when you get the 2012 Spode Holiday Express Train II. This is a real treat. Each of the 3,000 produced trains are hand painted and come with a certificate of authenticity. It is a true collectible, and looks even better when you fill it a beautiful arrangement like the one pictured below.

Click here to see more from the Conforti Collection


Do something special this holiday season, go above and beyond. It could be an Autumn Cornucopia or a Traditional Centerpiece for the Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner table,  either will do, and both would be great. If not, maybe the train is right for you, a collectors item she can fill with beautiful flowers year after year and enjoy. Start a tradition this holiday season with Beneva Flowers, we’ll help you go above and beyond.


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