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Posted by beneva on April 2, 2018 Plants

Make Your Home More Healthy This Spring

After a long winter, Springtime is like a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect time for a new start, with new goals and plans for the year ahead. Beneva Flowers is here to help you refresh your home environment with the vibrant, inspiring energies of Spring flowers.

The more peaceful and serene your home environment, the healthier it will be for your family. Feng Shui is the Eastern art of optimizing the flow of qi, or life force energy in a home. Every element, including the empty space, brings energy and impact to the home. The Peace Be With You dish garden can help to improve your home’s Feng Shui and bring a calming, rejuvenating atmosphere to the space.

Peaceful, calm and elegant, this green peace lily plant will add serenity to any room.

The Peace Be With You dish garden is both elegant and tranquil, featuring the wonderful and resilient peace lily. This beautiful plant will bring a meditative vibe to the room while also improving the quality of the air you breathe. Peace lilies are known for reducing the amount of VOCs in the air and creating more fresh, clean air for everyone to breathe.

Spring is a time for “Spring cleaning” away the clutter and debris that accumulated over the long winter. It is also a time for improving the energy in your home and making it a more enjoyable environment for everyone in the family. Bringing a Peace Be With You dish garden into the home can help make your home more beautiful and healthy. Contact Beneva Flowers for more details.