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Posted by beneva on January 14, 2013 Arrangement

How to make the most out of your Valentine’s Day dinner…

Valentine’s Day offers limitless opportunities to make that special someone in your life feel loved. Dinner, is just one the vehicles to that could take the 2 of you down the road of romance. Movie dates, significant places the 2 of you may share or even a home cooked meal made with a dash of love and a hint of passion. Whatever it may be, gathering ideas now could make or break your efforts for Feb. 14.

It’s arrived…February 14…What’s the plan? zoom_BC106100603115018

What time is my reservation? 

(Don’t forget to make a reservation as early as possible for your special night. Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year so plan accordingly based on the restaurant’s popularity during that time.) 

Are you having anything delivered? 

(If your going out to dinner or having it at home, an essential part of it will be the arrangement you chose sitting close by. IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE YOUR FLOWERS ON THE TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT. You could have them delivered before hand or select a few out of the arrangement to have featured at the table. Be careful not to over do it though, you don’t want the flowers taking over the table. If you happen to choose a restaurant without a selection of champagnes, consider bringing your own and having it brought to the table after it’s chilled. 

Cooking at home? 

(Don’t wait until the Feb. 13 to look up a recipe or do a little shopping for the meal. Find a recipe ahead of time and write a list of ingredients you will need to pick up. Break out the nice table settings and create a romantic mood. Another great touch would be to prepare an elegant menu that might match the mood of the meal. Don’t forget the arrangement either, make sure to leave room for the beautiful Valentine’s Day selection you have chosen.)