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Posted by beneva on November 26, 2012 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Arrangement

How to make the most of your Thanksgiving arrangements…

Thanksgiving may be over and the turkey all but gobbled up but there is 1 leftover that tends to be neglected once the festivities are through, your Thanksgiving arrangement. The kitchen is back to being clean and organized, the table is clear and the settings are put away.

Most people are focusing more on holiday shopping, Christmas trees, and making the quick transition to achieving that Christmas vibe in the house than caring for their beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement that made the day so special. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it last a bit longer? Below are 3 ways to do just that! They don’t take long and are super easy…

1. For vased arrangements, remove the entire arrangement from the vase and cut 1/2″ from the stems every few days. Be sure to use a sharp knife or flower cutters (NOT scissors), rinse the stems afterwards and then place in water.

2. Change the water daily if possible, otherwise every other day is fine. Completely empty the old water and then replace with room temperature water.

3. Before replacing the water make sure the vase is free from any fallen blooms, stems and any grime around the container.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Keep flowers in a cool location and keep away from heat sources, drafts and air conditioners. If particular flowers lasts longer than the rest of the arrangement remove and cut the stem to fit a small sized bowl. It will help the bloom continue and makes a great decorative piece.