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Posted by beneva on August 27, 2018 Flowers Grandparents Day

Honoring Our Elders Through Floral Traditions

Bringing multiple generations together in a harmonious gathering has never been easier since the beginning of Grandparents Day. The weekend following Labor Day has been set aside as a day to spend time enjoying several generations together. Give children an opportunity to celebrate their grandparents and focus on how much wisdom they bring into their young lives. Children will experience a gratitude for the generations that came before them. The floral designers at Beneva Flowers have designed many new arrangements to share with the grandparents in your life.

Remind grandparents of special days gone by with a gorgeous Lily Vase of Alstromeria arrangement. This clear glass vase is overflowing with pink alstromeria lilies and wrapped in a pink bow for ultimate sweetness. This classic flower might evoke memories of a favorite garden or special time in grandparents’ lives. Ask them to tell their grandchildren all about it- the connection made through gifts and stories in like none other.

Is there a special flower or plant that has significant meaning to your family, specifically your grandparents? Share that story and its joy with your children by bringing a beautiful bouquet to their grandparents. Better yet, ask their grandparents to tell them why this arrangement might be so special. Whatever you choose, trust the floral experts at Beneva Flowers to create the perfect bouquet for you.