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Posted by beneva on May 14, 2018 Flowers Memorial Day

Honoring Our Heroes On Memorial Day

Here at Beneva Flowers, we are often called upon to provide the flowers and plants for bereavement services and ceremonies. It’s a privilege every time, and no more than in the case of the men and women who gave their lives in sacrifice to our country. Recently, our floral designs were displayed at the funeral of one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis, a military veteran deserving of every accolade. On Memorial Day, we remember those military men and women who died while in service. We attend parades, ceremonies and even gatherings in the home to mark this poignant occasion.

Over the three-day weekend, you may be hosting one such event in your own home, and the decor you use should nod to the spirit of reflection, remembrance and gratitude. While there are many red, white and blue floral designs to choose from, this is a moment to look ahead to the future as much as it is to regard the past. Memorial Day also falls on the cusp of summer, and capturing that spirit in the flowers you use for decoration is also crucial. We like ourĀ Sunny Splendor Bouquet for a Memorial Day table. It’s happy and bright without being too much. The roses add a graceful note, and the red flowers pick up one of our most patriotic colors.

This is a piece that works on an indoor or an outdoor table, where so many of us will be gathering for barbecues and pool time over the long weekend. Flowers help remind us that this is a special day; don’t forget them.