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Posted by beneva on December 26, 2018 Information

Here’s to Your Health!

The New Year is a time for re-evaluating and making changes, creating new habits and a change of scene. For the floral experts at Beneva, that means bringing more flowers into your world to boost your physical and emotional health. Did you know…

  • Flowers can make you more creative? The colorful blooms are an excellent way to fill your world with color, which is known to improve creativity. Brighten your mind with your favorite shades placed near your workspace.
  • Flowers can make you breath easier? Fresh foliage and fragrant blossoms are natural air fresheners, cleaning the air you breath and filling it with beautiful fragrance. Purify the air you breath daily with a fresh bouquet.
  • Flowers can lower stress? The color green has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Place leafy green foliage and blooming flowers in your office or work space is a great way to lower stress naturally.

Create a peaceful, serene simplicity in your life with a gorgeous bouquet of sophisticated Luxe Calla Lilies. Arranged in a clear rectangular glass vase and accented with hydrangea and exotic foliage, these 20 stems of full-size calla lilies will start your year off right.

Begin the new year with a healthy breath of fresh air that adds color to your world, de-stresses your mind and boosts creativity. Talk to the floral artisans at Beneva about designing a perfect arrangement for you or to send to someone special this new year.