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Gifts to Pair with Flowers

lovely arrangement of hydrangea and roses in a compact design

Pastel Beauty

Flowers are unique because they make the ideal gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, love, congratulations, just because, and more. Everybody enjoys the beauty of fresh, fragrant blooms, and the emotions they communicate make them even more extraordinary.

Flowers can’t help but make you smile, are perfect for saying “you’re sorry,” express love and desire, and make any celebration much more elegant.

Although flowers are the perfect gift, there may be times when you’d like to send an additional gift with them. There are a lot of great options to choose from and here at Sarasota’s top florist, Beneva, we list some of the best ones to send along with flowers. Send one of these gifts to your loved and they will be seriously impressed with your amazing gift-giving skills!

Gift Items to Pair With Flowers


Delicious, chocolatey treats are a gift to the taste buds just like flowers are a gift to the eyes and nose. Conveniently, many florists offer gourmet chocolates you can include with your floral order. Whether it’s a box of gourmet chocolates, chocolate-dipped fruit or cookies, or decadent chocolate brownies, these delightful treats paired with gorgeous flowers are sure to impress your loved one.

The young woman in a white dress and with a white nail polish hand shows the ring, necklace and earrings in the shape of a purple lotus flower in rose color.


Flowers intensify the beauty of everything, including jewelry. Fine jewelry paired with gorgeous, vibrantly-colored blooms is a sight to behold. Whether, it be diamonds, pearls, silver, gold, or pendants with pressed petals, beautiful baubles look even more stunning when paired with beautiful flowers.

Homemade Dinner

There’s no better way to make someone feel pampered and special than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by a home-cooked meal. It’s a great way to make someone’s day!

includes Ocean Pur shea butter lotion, luxurious bottled hand soap, bar soap and a box of scallop shell spa soap

Spa Essentials

Spa essentials are a wonderful way to improve your mood, relieve stress, and help you relax… just like flowers do! Many bath and body products are even made using florals, such as lavender, rose, and jasmine. Sending an at-home spa kit with a bouquet of beautiful blooms ups the “scent” and calming factors big time. This is a great gift combo for anyone who loves indulging in a little rest and relaxation.

Copper tray with white roses and three copper and gold candles


Help your loved one create an ambiance with Capri Blue Candles that add the most glorious fragrances to your space. Between the glamorous packaging and stunning jar designs, these candles are a gift that keeps on giving, even when they’re not lit. From a candle to a stylish and cute piece of decor, it’s perfect for your home, office, or at-home office.

Brumate with pink and purple peonies


A practical yet fun present for anyone is a Brumate. While they are available here at Beneve in a variety of colors, for your flower-loving sweetheart, friend, parent, grandparent, or co-worker, take a peek at the stylish patterns that feature succulents, peonies, and hibiscus. Brumates are the trendy, convenient, and efficient way to keep any drink cold while sitting around a campfire, sunbathing on the beach, tailgating with friends, or simply enjoying a night at home.


A nice bottle of wine is a terrific accompaniment to a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Wine is perfect for celebrating almost any event or occasion, just like flowers. Plus, after working a long day, arriving home to the gift of a bottle of wine paired with gorgeous flowers is beyond words!


Someone who loves to get lost in the glory of flowers most likely also loves to get lost in a book. Whether it is a book of inspiring quotes, or one of romance, adventure, or mystery, a great book and gorgeous flowers make a great present with a personal touch.

Everybody loves getting flowers, and combined with an extra gift like those listed above, will no doubt surprise and charm your recipient. Go ahead and make someone’s day! Check out our selection of gifts you can send with a bouquet of our gorgeous flowers. What could be easier?

Gifts to mix and match with a bouquet of flowers