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Posted by beneva on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 30, 2016 Flowers Sarasota

Floral Inspiration from Birthstones

birthstonesWhen you are looking for the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements for your Sarasota celebrations of all kinds, look no further than the expertise and artistry of Beneva Flowers.

When creating floral bouquets for birthdays, there are several places that designers may derive their inspiration. Each month has two symbols which represent it – a flower, and a birthstone. The birth flower of January is the carnation, and the birthstone of January is the garnet, a deep red gemstone.  Therefore both of these elements are a wonderful place to start when designing birthday gifts for those you love. Our birthstone collection incorporates the colors of the gem into designs specifically made for each month. 

birthstonesGarnet stones, red ribbons, and accents celebrate the garnet in January, while the purple beauty of the amethyst brightens the February bouquet. Each month, the color of a semi-precious or precious stone will be highlighted in a specialty birthday arrangement.

January – Garnet (red)          
 – Amethyst (purple)   
 – Aquamarine (light blue)
April – Diamond
May – Emerald (deep green)      
 – Pearl (white)
July – Ruby (red)
August – Peridot (light green)
September – Sapphire (deep blue)
October – Opal (creamy white)
November – Topaz (amber)
December – Turquoise (light blue)
birthstonesRemember, each month also has a floral representative, so you may wish to use that flower to create your arrangement – for instance, violets for February, or daffodils for March.

You can choose one of our predesigned products, or you may wish to create a floral design for your loved one that is specific to their personality – using their favorite flower, or favorite colors. Our expert designers are happy to create a custom arrangement that will be the perfect expression of their special day. In Sarasota, the freshest, most gorgeous florals are at Beneva Flowers – where you will find unparalleled customer service, award-winning designers, and a guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.